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Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Owh lupa plak.. since saya sgt anxious wanting to know if my baby is ok (but wont get any US until next month), i hv bought a home doppler from ebay last week.. and

yeaaaaaaaaa!!! i finally heard the heartbeat today!! sgt best! not just that, i also manage to hear all the kicking & summersault s/he been doing INSIDE me!

sgt excited! ask hubby to count the heartbeat,and its about 160/m. wow! sgt active :)
supposed we can record the heartbeat, tapi still tak khatam lg. will do that later..

-excited mummy & daddy-

14th week - update

Havent update this blog for ages!! The reason is - i got severe morning sickness...!!
starting from 7th week, i've been throwing up like madness with all day nauseous. i think i have all the pregnancy symptoms they have in the books. i think i missed work in total for about 4 weeks.. but not in a row laa.. some week were better than other, some were worst. nasib baik my bosses n colleagues are very understanding. Plus kat sini, mmg pregnant women welfare quite terjaga skit pun..

1 thing that upset me the most here adelah their healthcare system for maternity!! my first appointment with hospital not until the 18th week! pastu lak, my first scan will only be during the 22nd week gitu. gilos! im so exhausted in agony of waiting! dah tu, GP plak takder provide any ultrasound facility (at least few clinics nearby that i know laa.. tatau ler kalau ade kat tempat lain kann..). so walaupun nearly everyweek i meet my GP, semuanya just check skit2 jer.. huh! very dissapointing! wat rugi bayar jeerr..

i also lost few kilos since pregnant. my weight before was 45kg, and now i only weighted at 42kg. no appettite at all bila masuk bab2 makan nih.. but most of the time, i'm soo hungry... tapi ntah ler, tak boleh nk makan sgt or i'll end up hugging the bin after meals :(

anyhoo, those days has just gone by (hopefullly). for the past few days, i feel a lot better.. still throwing up occasionally - but manageable. still hv no appettite, but i can hv nasik with ikan masin now.. cuma the excessive of saliva part jer yg masih boleh di control. so, kat office, i choose not to speak with anybody. even at home pun.. main bahasa isyarat jer dgn DH. LOL. sbbkan masalah ni jugak, i cant really going out. takkan ler nk ludah merata2 sepanjang jalan tu kan.. hmmmm.. my life tersangatlah buhsannn..

apa2 pun.. i looove my baby, and i'll try my best to provide the best for you.. muahhss..