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Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hemoglobin screening :(

Got an urgent letter from hospital suruh hubby g buat hemoglobin screening.. pastu kat surat tu tak de plak diorang mentioned why.. fuuuh, risau giler, bcoz normally kalau they need to do blood test on ur partner nih sbbnya ade maselah with the mothers' blood..mostly genetic problem laa..

anyway, on friday tu baru ler hubby berkesempatan pegi hospital n do the test (which will take another week or two for the result). he asked whats was the problem and they said its because from my test result, im a bit anemic and they afraid i might be having sickle cell (carrier), and if hubby pun carrier for sickle cell jugak, then our baby will be in greater risk of sickle cell disease.. huhhuhu.. hopefully my hubby's blood cell normal laa..

as for me, mmg dari kecik2 pun selalu jer aneamic nih..pucat2 n lemah gemalai jer.. but alhamdulillah so far x de la chronic health issue tuu..hopefully my baby wont inheritance my incompetence blood cell.. amin...

my dear baby, please be strong ok.. mummy loves u soo much!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

I am officially off work!!

Been given sick leave from my doctor from this week until the official maternity leave started.. actually my boss yg advise me on this matter, sbb dia kata kesian tgk diri ini yg lembik2 pun still dtg opis.. huhuhu.. so, i went to my doctor, and let him know if its possible for them to give me the mc till June and he basically said there's no problem on his behalf since i mmg sick pun.. cuma dia risau takut i will have problem with my emoloyer jer cuti lelama nih.. and since my employer yg dh advice begitu, he will is more than happy to give me one!

so, from now on until maybe April next year, saye akan bercutiii!! heheheh.. best, but i think it will be quite bored kot.. hmm, tatau laa.. so far ok ajee.. sape tak suka cuti yerr.. anyway, if i known early, i should hv bought an early flight ticket home.. tak de la bohsann sgt stay kat sini.. hmmm..

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Week 21 - update

Today i have another appointment with consulatant at holles street.. Appointment was at 9.30, tapi cam biasa laa, around 11 camtu baru bleh jumpa doctor keane.

They have the blood test result ready, everything looks normal as per hubby. A bit anemic, but thats normal for pregnant lady katanya.. Also i hv Rh positive. Tatau ler apa maknanya tuuu.. Rasanya normal laa.. 1 more thing, for the first time in my life, i finallh know that i am type B. Hahaah.. Nampak sgt x penah g check darah before this..

The most interesting part is, dr keane buat ultrasound jugak. X expect pjn sbnrnya, but both myself n hubby are so excited. Masa scan tu, baby tgh baring2 sambil bersila panggung then mulut plak tgh mengunyah! Amboiii relax bukan main awak yerr.. Oh, i also finally saw his 'tut' haahhaha.. Haritu masa technician tu ckp its a boy, i mcm x perasan sgt apende dia tunjuk.. But now mmg confirmed its a boy!!

I also hv mentioned to dr keane pasal nk balik m'sia in june. Dia ckp it shouldnt be any problem sbb everything look fine so far. But he request us to have another check up before fly.. Yeay, now i could proceed with booking the flight!