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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Breach of Trust

Finally they aired the shocking programme last night. I was so upset seeing the footage :(. Ya Allah.. It was a nightmare. Menangis mama semalam. Bayangkan kalau perkara yang sama berlaku di sekolah Z. The thing is, we just never know..

Ya Allah....

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THERE HAS BEEN widespread anger and criticism of a number of creches after an RTE Prime Time programme which showed young children being mistreated by staff.
The programme, ‘A Breach of Trust’, aired last night and showed staff aggressively handling children, shouting at them, and fabricating entries in daily diaries detailing what the children had done that day. In one incident, a baby was left in a high chair for two hours, while other children were strapped to their chairs for long periods.
The programme was trending on Twitter in Ireland throughout the evening as viewers took to social media to express their shock. Hundreds of people also left angry comments on the Facebook page of Links Childcare, which has since been deleted.
Journalists posing as childcare staff secretly recorded footage at three creches – the Links creche in Abington in Dublin, the Giraffe creche in Belarmine, Stepaside, and Little Harvard in Rathnew, Wicklow – which had been found to have broken HSE childcare regulations in the past.
The programme raised serious questions about the weak regulation and inspection regime of creches. Under documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, the programme makers found that 75 per cent of pre-schools and creches breached HSE regulations in 2012, but with little, if any, consequence for the organisations.
Gardaí are currently investigating complaints about the alleged mistreatment of children in two creches in Dublin.
Neither a HSE representative nor the Minister for Children Frances Fitzgerald appeared on the programme or on the subsequent panel discussion.
The representative group for creches in Ireland said there were “no excuses” to justify the poor practice documented in the programme.
“Our thoughts go out to the children and parents directly affected but also to the thousands of childcare professionals across the country who deliver great experiences for children every day who are feeling vulnerable following this programme,” said Early Childhood Ireland in a statement following the programme.
Early Childhood Ireland said the government and HSE need to change the way creches and pre-schools are inspected.
Prime Time said that the undercover reporters had childcare qualifications and received advice from a childcare expert during filming. The undercover staff reported a number of serious incidents which they witnessed to the HSE.
The programme will be aired only once, and will not be uploaded to the RTE Player for future viewing.

Update: Please note that no physical violance involved. cubit, tampar tu memang takde. cuma shouting and swearing. mengherdik. and on few ocassions the children has been put on 'discipline'. Ada toddler tu konon2nya nakal, so he being strap on his chair for over 1 hours while he's crying n hungry. cruel! in baby room, the babies were being left on their cotbeds without supervision and the door was closed during their nap time (staffs were on lunch break). babies also being left on their highchair for nearly 2 hours. i never put Z on highchair for more than 20 mins!!! and one scene yang sangat2 menyedihkan for me personally was when there is 1 boy who is unwell and of course he was very clingy and crying the whole time. instead of consoling him, he being punished. the staff asked him to sleep on the same room where other kids are playing around. without even given a mattress! yes, he being left lying on the floor, crying and sick!!! I couldn't imagine if Z being put on that situation :( and the worst part is the scene when they having their nap time. staff will get their rest time when the children having their nap. for that reason they want all children go to sleep as soon as possible - with force. the swearing, the shouting. OMG. If any of the children try to wake up, they will be PUSH back to the mattress. tunjal2 muka ke tilam. and 1 time, a child being FLIP aggressively from his back to his tummy. main lanting2 jer.. teringat video bibik indon yang hempuk2 baby tu. Of course la tak seteruk itu, but OMG that staff is a psycho!
other complaint was fabricating of the diary. Main tulis jer.. Well, honestly i dont really believe what they wrote on Z's book anyway. banyak kali dah kantoi. eg: Z enjoy pushing around toy trucks. Really? since when Z boleh pegang something for a longer period. pushing truck konon..pegang pun tak lepas lagi. ada satu kali tu, diorang tulis Z makan buah habis sepinggan.. ni masa baru2 dulu la.. so i asked them, yer? buah apa? apple n grape katanya.. ok, how did you gave it to him? oh, we cut it into a small bit he like it. mama senyum jer la.. Z only eat pureed dear.. soft lump mcm banana tu pun dia akan tercekik. nak tipu pun agak2 la.. berubah muka minah tu (bukan cikgu Z la). Sebab tu mama lagi prefer bersoal jawab dengan diorang drpd baca jer report book tu.. 

but of course, i do believe most of carer in Z centre are good person and wont do anything harm towards him. setakat tipu buku record tu, dimaafkan lagi la.. i know cikgu kelas Z aoife and gloria can be trusted. but i am not sure about his new carer though.. Z kan baru pindah kelas.. harap2nya the 2 new staffs pun baik jugak la.. amin...

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Starting this week Z dah naik kelas. Now in Toddler Room.. Dah besar anak mama :) Dah lama manager tu hint nak masukkan Z dlm toddler class, mama yang tak nak. Mama rasa blom ready, bukan apa, toddler class tu bebudaknya semua dah boleh berlari. Mama risau kang ada yang terpijak Z. Buli Z ke.. Budak-budak tengah nakal.. padehal semua pun baru umo 3 tahun jer.. Tapi entah lah, risau pulak mama.. Lagipun mama risau takut Z melalak. Dia baru jer ok dengan current classroom (after 7 months starting there). Karang masuk class baru, dah kena start balik pulak.

Setelah dibincangkan dengan lebih mendalam with Mairead (Home Teacher) and management, they have made special arrangement for Z. Bermula dari early April tu, Z dah dibawa ke Toddler room sekejap2.. Biar dia boleh kenal classmate n teacher.. Then Mairead buatkan chart letak gambar mama n papa besar2 dalam toddler room tu supaya Z rasa he belongs there.. Alhamdulillah.. lama2 ok. So this week, he is officially in toddler room :D

On another note, from last week, there's an investigation being done by Garda (polis) and HSE (Health Service Executive) on Giraffe management. Sebabnya ada complaint pasal children being mistreated in one of their centre. bukan skolah Z la.. Ada reporter yang buat undercover and menyamar as edu-care. then dia curik2 record activity in the centre. ada 3 centres terlibat (2 non Giraffe). Giraffe get most of the highlight because as a 'premium' childcare provider who charged the highest amount of fees, people expect them to give a better and more superior service.

Risau jugak mama sebenarnya.. tak dapat dibayangkan kalau Z being 'mistreated'. Although so far Alhamdulillah tak pernah lagi la mama terserempak dengan activity2 aneh di centre tersebut.. but who knows what happend when nobody there.. Macam dekat centre tersebut pun, luckily the reporter was there. Kalau tak sampai bila pun orang tak tahu.

So far Giraffe management dah beberapa kali contact , emails, letter, phone parents. basically they just want to reassure that the behaviour is more on a personal level rather than management level. Only 1 staff in question yang dah di berhentikan pun.

The footage akan disiarkan di Tv soon, until then we dont really know whats going on in the centre. Tapi it was assured by the garda yang the 'mistreatment' has nothing to do with physical or sexual assault. katanya lebih kepada the way 'she' handled the children. cara dia tidurkan, cara bagi makan, shouting and straping the child into the chair. Lega sikit mama dengar, but that doesnt define what she's doing was right. Kesian those children. n takkan lah management tak pernah perasan kot.. mesti diorang dengar jer kalau shouting or children cying.. The main problem I think is, they might think it is an acceptable behaviour, until of course there's complaint about it. Grrrrrrrrrrr!! Geramnyaaaaaa!!
Entahla.. tunggu jer la keluar special review kat tv nanti.. Honestly, mama rasa it happen everywhere. not just in that particular centre. It just never caught, that's it.

Ya Allah.. selamatkan lah Z dari segala segi penganiyaan..

Monday, May 20, 2013


Yes, sometime the world just being unfair to you.

And you won't be able to change them, but at least you can change your own way of looking at it. 

Life must goes on.. :(

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Teeth Grinding -Video

Watching Peekaboo.. Kelakar sangat kot bagi dia 😆

Dengar giginya berbunyi? ALL THE TIME 😖
Oh and noticed the hands flapping?

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Sunday, May 12, 2013


Hotel International
 Dah lama sangat tak pergi bercuti.. cuti mama dan papa dah habis untuk tahun ni :(. So sempena cuti panjang weekend lepas (May Bank Holiday), kami ke Killarney - County Kerry (south Ireland). Memula ingat nak pegi London, tapi bila fikirkan travel and all just for 3 days macam tak berbaloi pulak. Penat jer. Pegi dalam negeri sudah laa..
Dingle Bay - mcm nk terbang ditiup angin

Kampung traditional
 Killarney ni memang tourist spot. Bandar kecik jer, tapi persekitaran dia yang menarik. Ada tasik, taman negara, and laut of course. We stayed in town centre. Senang nak makan. Ahad tu ambik bus tour ke Ring of Kerry. Cuaca tak menarik langsung. Pagi ok lagi but very windy, petangnya hujan pulak. End up stay jer dalam bas petang tu..
Tengah menonton pakcik farmer menguruskan biri-biri

pandai betul anjing2 tu tolong kawal sheeps

Tak bergambar sangat pun, terlupa bawak camera. Lagipun mama dah pernah ke sini dulu, so x de la excited sangat dah.. But we do enjoy our short & sweet deserved breaks :)  


My Superhero

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Teeth Grinding - Pt. 2

Adoiii...!! It's drive me nut to hear Z grinding his teeth! Semenjak lepas surgery, activity dia yang satu ni bertambah mencabar. Dulu dia akan grind bila dia bored or stress teramat ALL THE TIME!! Memang literally ALL THE TIME! Sampai terpercik2 air liur. Berkelicap bunyinya.. Bunyi gigi tu tak payah cakap ler.. Luckily dia dah pandai control his tongue, so takde lah sampai berdarah.. Tapi memang mama sangat tension dengan bunyi dan kebarangkalian bahawa giginya akan musnah tidak lama lagi.

Dulu supplementing him with magnesium seems help a lot. now macam tak berkesan jer. kalau tak bagi magnesium lagi lah melampau-lampau. Bila bagi pun still berbunyi all the time jugak. Tengah malam pun masih berbunyi.. Mama dah urut, mama dah warning, mama dah marah, mama dah letak essential oils, mama dah up kan magnesium.. semua tak jalan. Oh vibrating teether seem help a bit. Tapi jenuh la nak suruh dia gigit jer mende alah vibrator tu..

Mama risau tengok gigi geraham Z dah macam masuk kedalam jer.. Gigi taring dia pun dah semakin senget. Tanya paed, 'Sorry, there's nothing we can do about it. Hopefully he will grew out of it'. no!I can't stand it anymore.. helpppppppppp!!! Mama harap dapat jumpa paed dentist soon.

Mama found out from Autism website, Zinc boleh membantu kurangkan teeth grinding.
hmm..Zinc pulak.. DS forum kata magnesium.. ni lah masalahnya bila ada dua diagnosis.. anyhoo, mama dah order zinc. cepatlah sampai.. Dapat kurangkan sikit macam dulu balik pun jadi lah..

Read more about Z's issue with teeth grinding

ketap gigi / teeth grinding & teats

p/s: aunty Aumi, mama beli vibrator ni end of last year. lupa plak nak bagitau kat anti.. Jumpa kat Metrojaya MidValley yer ;) thank you for letting us know. Z loves it. It does help with his brushing. Sekarang memang takde masalah langsung bila nak brush his teeth :D

Thursday, May 2, 2013

sambungan kisah tidur..

Semenjak lepas jumpa Paed (n dietitian) Isnin haritu, Z macam kurang sihat.. Mama suspect sebab banyak nangis sangat haritu... suhu badan dia circa 38C camtu.. takde la panas sangat but memang demam la.. dia takde la nampak macam sakit.. cuma kurang active jer.. Doctor kata jangan risau sangat pasal temperature kalau dia masih active and makan/minum mcm biasa.. Tapi sehari dua ni Z tak nak minum susu. nak habiskan 1 oz pun jenuh berperang.. mama dah makin risau ni, especially bila dia x poopoo for the last 2-3 days. Makan ok jer la, but still kurang sikit berbanding sebelum nih..

Anyway, mama sebenarnya nak catitkan pengalaman Z bangun malam sebagai rujukan dikemudian hari. Actually supaya mama tak lupa bila kena bagi history kat doctor nanti.. kebetulan semalam Z tak tido malam lagi, sementara masih fresh ni, baik mama catit.. mungkin sebab tak berapa sihat kot.. atau mungkin sebab lain..

Selalunya pukul 9 malam Z dah start golek2 atas tilam dah.. Mama bagi susu, nyanyi2 zikir2 sikit, tido lah dia.. Malam tadi pukul 10.30 baru Z tido. Dia memang tak nak minum susu, so lama la sikit mama nak kena berzikir.. Mama perasan sekarang dia suka masukkan ibu jari dalam mulut then humming or sometime bubbling ntah hape2.. matanya tertutup tapi mulut berbunyi.. kaki tangan semua pun active. Mama rasa habit ni lah yg menyebabkan dia tak boleh tidur.. although there could be some reason behind his behaviour.. but mama notice kalau mama cuba divert his action, macam urut2 tangan dia ke (dia akan refused and try to continue putting his hand into his mouth) lama2 dia akan stop and tertidur.. So pukul 10.45 camtu jugak la baru dia tidur..

Pukul 11.30 mama angkat masuk bilik, then mama bagi susu.. dia minum sikit.. then sambung tidur. Pukul 12 lebih mama pun bersiap2 nak tidur. (papa oncall). Elok jer mama terlelap, dalam pukul 12.45 Z bangun. Mula2 dia berpusing2 jer.. sambil humming of course. Mama tepuk2 tak jalan jugak.. cuba tarik tangan dia pun x berkesan.. lapar kot sebab memang tak minum susu langsung malam tu.. mama cuba bagi susu lagi. dia minum tak sampai 1 oz then tido..

Pukul 2 Z bangun lagi. kali ni memang bangun n duduk. 2-3 kali jugak dia bangun duduk bangun duduk.. Mama dah ngantuk tersangat dah, layan tak layan jer la.. cuba bagi susu pun tak jalan.. mama tepuk2 jer la.. but then mulut dia bising betul.. ntah hape2 dia bebel sambil mata tertutup..
(mama tension dah tahap gaban dah time ni, selalunya kalau papa ada, mama tinggal jer Z n pegi tido bilik sebelah.. i am a very light sleeper, bunyi sikit pun tak boleh tido, pastu kalau dah bangun memang berzaman ler baru boleh tido balik. papa pulak bom jatuh sebelah pun dia boleh sambung tido jer.. lagipun dia memang pakar bab2 berjaga malam ni. senang bangun n senang tidur, so memang sesuai tugasan utk jaga Z malam2 hihihi)

Mama pun tak sure pukul berapa Z or mama tido sebab memang kepala ting tong sangat.. but then pukul 3.55 Z bangun lagi.. Mama sedar, tapi memang dah tak larat sangat dah nak tepuk2 or pujuk2.. mama biar jer dia berpusing2 humming2.. pukul 4.15 Z dah start melalak.. mama pun nak tumpang melalak ler jadinya.. Memang kesabaran dah tahap kulit bawang. mama marah Z. lagi la Z melalak.. mama konon2 merajuk then sorok bawah duvet.. lagila kuat dia melalak.. dah cool down sikit barulah mama pujuk Z semula.. teresak2 dia menangis.. ya Allah kesian sangat.. tapi geram pun yer.. biol pulak bila difikirkan.. apa kes mama nak marahkan Z. bukan dia sengaja bangun.. Mesti Z pun mengantuk, tapi x boleh tido..

So mama duduk and pangku Z.. dia still jugak humming sambil gigit2 ibu jari.. mama rasa dia x boleh tutup mulut la, x boleh bernafas kot.. tu pasal dia masukkan ibu jari sambil humming utk clearkan pernafasan.. mama sapukan vicks.. rasanya pukul 5.30 baru Z betul2 tidur, so mama baringkan dia n mama pun tido..

Selalunya mama kejutkan Z pukul 7.30, tapi pagi ni kesian sangat tengok dia tido. mama biar jer la.. pukul 8.45 baru mama kejutkan.. pukul 10 baru mama sampai office pagi tadi. nasib baik bos2 ada meeting ;).

Mama rasa Z mesti kepenatan di sekolah harini.. mama pun mengantuk tersangat lepas lunch tadi nih.. sigh.. kenapa yer? Macam mana nak selesaikan masalah ni.. Mama kena cari lebih info la.. Mama tak kisah sangat mama tak cukup tidur ni.. kadang2 jer berlaku scene macam semalam.. selalunya kalau dia bangun pun, mama tepuk2 sikit, tidur la dia.. Tapi memang ada la ketikanya yang dia akan bangun sepanjang malam..

Even sekejap2 pun tak bagus sebenarnya.. children need enough sleep. Itu lah masanya diorang membesar. Masa check up dengan Paed haritu, tinggi Z for the past 6 months adalah sama. Maksudnya tiada growth in 6 months. That's something we should pay attention to. Doctor kata its ok, sebab masa check up sebelum tu tinggi Z naik mendadak - growth spurt. so maybe this is time for him to slow down a bit. Tapi x de lah sampai x de growth langsung kan..

Mama minta maaf yer sanyang.. Mama marah2 Z semalam.. Kalau bab mengantuk ni mama memang diluar kawalan sikit.. InsyaAllah nanti mama cari penyelesaiannya ok..

Mama sayang Z ketat2!!