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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

6th month jab

Baru balik dari clinic and hero mama currently is sleeping.. Kesian anak mama.. Harini kene 3 jabs on his thighs (6in1, pneumaccocal, men c). First jab, diam lg, masuk yg kedua dh start menjerit. Tapi x menangis pun.. Tercebik2 aje.. Muka x puas hati pandang doctor.. Pastu x sempat nak kuar dr bilik doctor, dh terlelap...zzzz..

Hopefully x demam teruk laa.. Mama tgh tuam2 his both thighs ni sambil ambik temperature.. Dh 36.9.. Biasa 36 aje.. Jgn demam2 yer sayanggg.. Masuk jer 37.5 mama akan kasik paracetamol yer..


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Saturday, March 26, 2011

First pead visits (Ireland)

(also Z's first visits to papa's work!)

On the 23rd March, instead of going out for mama's birthday treat, papa has managed to book a 'formal' appointment with Dr Justin Roche (Pediatrician Consultant) in his hospital. Finally Z is on Irish's Health Service record!

After about 4 months without proper pediatricians' care, Alhamdulillah he is as healthy as any normal baby :). of course there is delayed in his physical developments, but Dr Roche himself quite surprise with Z current development based on his previous history.

There are few issues being discussed. Since we are moving back to dublin soon, meaning that we will have to find another paed for him (oh, i wish we can carry on with Dr Roche, he is soo nice!). Dr Roche has few friends in Dublin that he has recommended to us. He also has contacted them for the follow up and all paperwork will be prepared by his staffs. Hopefully by the time we back to Dublin, we dont really have to wait that long to meet another paed. and most importantly, we can start the physio and speech therapy soon.

He also ordered another blood test to be done. Actually we still havent got the chromosome result from malaysia, (although its pretty confirmed by now..) and we plan to meet the Malaysian paed when we're back in May. Anyway, the result here will be ready in 3 weeks (in malaysia it took 2-3 months before the result finalised + 2 month waiting just for the blood being taken!!!), so he suggested we just done it here. apart from that, he also need to do blood count. as mama has Hb E Trait (carrier for thalassemia), highly likely Z will be the carrier as well (sorry sayang....)

so, z's tiny hand being poked again yesterday.. but this time not so much crying. they have a 'magic' spray to numb his hand. so, yippiee! he only cried towards the end of the process.

Lotsss of questions being asked to Dr Roche, but one thing for sure.. there are lots of uncertainty... whether he can walk, whether he can talk, whether he can learn and most importantly whether he will have any health problem in future.. only time will tell.. according to Dr Roche, the first 3 years is crucial. all development has to be monitored closely and mama promise, mama will try my best to provide the best for you.. and 1 thing we definitely sure, mama n papa love you sooooooooo muchh sayang!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

23rd March 2011

It's mama's birthday today!!!!
but papa bought mothers' day card instead (ni kes nak cepat sbb dh last minuets so main amik jer.. tsskk.. sabar jer laaa..)

anyway, its ok laa.. at least it will remind me of celebrating my first birthday as a mother. Thank you soo much to my 2 heroes for the lovely flowers, gift n cakes. Mama love u guys so much! muaahhh!

NB: Mothers' Day in Ireland will be celebrated on the 3rd April 2011

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mamam2 (so far..)

dah sebulan Z being introduced to solid food and Alhamdulillah, so far he did enjoy his meal :). i still follow the 4 days rule when introducing new menu to him so the variety quite limited. tak per laa, nama pun introductory stage..bukan 'makan-sampai-kenyang-' stage yet..hehehe..

Some of the foods we tried so far,
* rice cereal - still dalam-kotak-supermarket-mari.. (will prepare homemade nasi soon)
* banana - his all time favorite, plain pun boleh, campur cereal pun boleh..
* avocado - he dont really like plain avocado.. so, mama make banana-cado instead.

* pear - again, dont like plain. mama have to mix it with cereal n milk.

* sweet potato - loves it! makan saja pun sodappp..

Semangat aje dia bila mama pakaikan bib. he knows its meal time. siap dah nganga2 molot awal2 lagi.. slalunya he could finish them all, unless kalau dia ngantuk laa (where he gets soo cranky!)

skrg nih dia dh makan twice per day.. pagi n petang. memula dulu mmg kasik once a day aje.. i plan to make it a proper 3 meals per day when he ready for nasi and meat soon.. (8-9 months la kot..) buat masa sekarang we are focusing on fruits n vege dulu yer sayang.. :)

i normally will prepare his food for 2 days batch. so tak perlu lah frozen yet, just masuk dlm fridge biasa jer. nanti dah start keje maybe lah kot.. but for fruits jer laa.. mcm nasi tu, i will ask nanny to prepare it daily ler kot..

actually, still tatau bila i should give him nasik (with meat n vege). melalui pembacaan, 8th month sepatutnya dah boleh. tapi mcm tak ready jer lagi nk kasik meat next month. ok ker perut dia nanti? walopon for sure it will be blended, still rasa mcm berat jer.. hmm, will ask the pead lah..

Extra features:
Kentang lenyek in the making

(2 days stock)

Friday, March 18, 2011

St. Patrick's Day

semalam (17th of March) adelah hari St. Patrick's Day. Ireland's National day ala2 hari kemerdekaan gitu (tapi asalnya more to celebrating religious..etc) so, selalunya mmg diorang celebrate besar2an jugak la.. kalau kat dublin tu selalunya ada parade yg best2, then ada funfair, then ada fireworks n macam2 activity lg ler yg happening..

tapi since kami masih di clonmel (sebuah bandar kecik di selatan ireland) maka sambutannya ala kadar jer laa.. my friend yg asal clonmel nih ade text inform yg kat sini pun ada parade kecik2lan.. so, me n hubby pun took this opportunity utk sama2 meraikan perayaan nih dgn masyarakat setempat..(konon heheh)

the best part is, the parade start right in front of our house! so kalau tak kuar jugak tu, mmg la dasar anti sosial kan.. hehehe.. so, few photos during the celebration.

Datuk Bandar tgh beramah mesra

Parade baru nk start

right in front of our house

kalau dh kat kampung tu, lori2 pun sertai parade hehehe

bising2 pun boleh tido daaa..

tgk, tractor ke ape ntah namanya nih pun adaa..

z^ch tido, mama n kak yah yg sibuk bergambar hehehe..

sekian saja pengalaman z^ch yg pertama on paddy's day. insyaAllah next year kite tgk parade besar2an kat dublin pulak yer..:)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

waahh..z^ch pun nak join wordless jugakk..hehehe

latest obsession: twinkle-twinkle little star by gigglebellies. sampai tak kedip2 mate..

Monday, March 14, 2011

7 months

Happy 7th months old sayanmm! :)

He still due his 6th months jab. Tak pe la, since his 4th months jab pun dh lambat, i dont think we need to rush.

Entering to his 7th months nih, ade 'peel' baru ler pulak.. Kaki nangisss!! Haiyoooo..awat la sayanggg oiiii.. Mmg clingy habis. Kene dukunggg ajerr especially when nk tido.

Kadang2 tu dekat sejam dia melalak, pastu tido tak sampai pun seploh minit.. Then bangun sengih2 as if nothing happen. Dah tidonya sekejap, nanti dlm sejam dua mesti dh ngantuk balik pulak.. Then melalak2 ler lagi and it happen like zillions time a day.. Haih laa anakanda mama nih.. Kan mama dh membebel nih.

Anyhoo, kalau pandai handle tak de lah teruk sgt sbnrnya.. Kalau i kat rumah and melayan jer dia, normally ok jer.. Cuma problem bila i hv to go out. Cik nanny tu tak reti sgt nk main2 dgn si Z nih.. Asikk dukunggg jerr.. Mau ke tak mengamuk buah hati mama tuu.. Once tuan kecik dh mengamuk, mmg moody jer laa dia sepanjang hari.. Dh berkali2 dh tegur si nanny tu, tak jugak masuk dek akalnyaa.. Hmm..apa nk buat, mama still hv to go out n work la sayang..

Oh, on his 7th months birthday, i bring him to my office. Saje nk kenal2kan dgn my colleagues. Asik bising2 jer suruh bwk.. Nasib baik ler he is acting really well on that day walopon di kerumuni oleh berpuluh2 org heheh..

On another note, i dh confirm dgn bos. Im due to be back to work on the 20th april.. Arghhhhh!!! Sgt tensi! Cepatnyaa masa berlalu. Still x puas lg nk mengulit anak sendiri nih huhuhu.. Zach n deirdre
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Friday, March 4, 2011

First word


Yeay! Z^ch finally panggil MAMA!!
Well, maybe unintentionally.. But who cares, he did said mama.. Heheh

Smlm dia mcm bermimpi sedih ape ntah masa tgh tido, tetiba jer menangis2 sedih.. Time menangis tu lah dia panggil mama..mama.. Memula ingatkan salah dgr ker ape, but then hubby yg kat bilik sebelah pun gegas2 dtg sbb dia dgr z^ch panggil mama.. ( x puas hati ler tuu.. Hahaha)

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Z^ch's first visit to London

London Bridge is falling down
Falling down.. Falling down
London Bridge is falling down
my fair.. lady..

unfortunately, kami tak pegi pun London Bridge sbb malas nk jalan hehehe.. lain kali la yer Z^ch yer..
tujuan asal pegi london this time adelah sbb nk jumpa my bro & SIL yg ada hal kat london. skali last minit diorang cancelled their trip. disebabkan papa pun dah amik cuti, maka kami pun continue jer laa our city vacation nih.. lgpun mama&papa mmg tgh kempunan makanan melayu.. so this 4 days trip more kepada jalan2 cari makan jer laaa..

but we managed to go to London Eye n London Sea Life. walaupun Z^ch masih belum mengerti apa2, we still enjoy our trip with him.. most of the time he is a very good boy and he did enjoyed the surrounding. tak de pun nk mengamuk2 ker apa ker.. kalau tak tido, mesti asik bermain dgn logan the lion tu jer.. hikhikhik...

few tips to share during the holiday with an infant
1. make sure u have enough milk prepared for the flight (especially during take off n landing)
2. lots of toys to entertain the baby during the journey.
3. choose taxi rather than tube/bus - senang nk angkut stroller.
4. baby carrier sgt membantu, especially if you want to eat in a busy restaurant (boleh angkat the carrier jer, instead of bring the whole stroller)
5. survey dulu which attraction yg baby/stroller friendly. London Eye and Aquarium mmg tak de masalah.
6. plan the journey well such as nk balik hotel pukul baper.. so, boleh prepare how much milk to bring.. you dont want to bring too much stuffs either..(of course this wouldn't be a problem for BF baby..)
7. check the weather forecast. kalau sejuk, make sure bwk baju tebal..
8. jgn lama2 sgt di luar.. otherwise baby will get cranky because of the long n tired journey.
9. no more travel lite when u have baby!!
10. hmm.. apo lagi yer.. tgk gambar jer laaa... (yg tidak mengikut urutan)

::minum kenyang2 dulu before going out::

::nappy changing @ WHITELY::

::Masih lg tido ketika mama&papa bersarapan::

::at London Sea Life::

::London Eye::

::Logan the Lion - teman baik dlm perjalanan::

::Some of foods yg mama craving::