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Saturday, March 26, 2011

First pead visits (Ireland)

(also Z's first visits to papa's work!)

On the 23rd March, instead of going out for mama's birthday treat, papa has managed to book a 'formal' appointment with Dr Justin Roche (Pediatrician Consultant) in his hospital. Finally Z is on Irish's Health Service record!

After about 4 months without proper pediatricians' care, Alhamdulillah he is as healthy as any normal baby :). of course there is delayed in his physical developments, but Dr Roche himself quite surprise with Z current development based on his previous history.

There are few issues being discussed. Since we are moving back to dublin soon, meaning that we will have to find another paed for him (oh, i wish we can carry on with Dr Roche, he is soo nice!). Dr Roche has few friends in Dublin that he has recommended to us. He also has contacted them for the follow up and all paperwork will be prepared by his staffs. Hopefully by the time we back to Dublin, we dont really have to wait that long to meet another paed. and most importantly, we can start the physio and speech therapy soon.

He also ordered another blood test to be done. Actually we still havent got the chromosome result from malaysia, (although its pretty confirmed by now..) and we plan to meet the Malaysian paed when we're back in May. Anyway, the result here will be ready in 3 weeks (in malaysia it took 2-3 months before the result finalised + 2 month waiting just for the blood being taken!!!), so he suggested we just done it here. apart from that, he also need to do blood count. as mama has Hb E Trait (carrier for thalassemia), highly likely Z will be the carrier as well (sorry sayang....)

so, z's tiny hand being poked again yesterday.. but this time not so much crying. they have a 'magic' spray to numb his hand. so, yippiee! he only cried towards the end of the process.

Lotsss of questions being asked to Dr Roche, but one thing for sure.. there are lots of uncertainty... whether he can walk, whether he can talk, whether he can learn and most importantly whether he will have any health problem in future.. only time will tell.. according to Dr Roche, the first 3 years is crucial. all development has to be monitored closely and mama promise, mama will try my best to provide the best for you.. and 1 thing we definitely sure, mama n papa love you sooooooooo muchh sayang!

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