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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Z^ch's first visit to London

London Bridge is falling down
Falling down.. Falling down
London Bridge is falling down
my fair.. lady..

unfortunately, kami tak pegi pun London Bridge sbb malas nk jalan hehehe.. lain kali la yer Z^ch yer..
tujuan asal pegi london this time adelah sbb nk jumpa my bro & SIL yg ada hal kat london. skali last minit diorang cancelled their trip. disebabkan papa pun dah amik cuti, maka kami pun continue jer laa our city vacation nih.. lgpun mama&papa mmg tgh kempunan makanan melayu.. so this 4 days trip more kepada jalan2 cari makan jer laaa..

but we managed to go to London Eye n London Sea Life. walaupun Z^ch masih belum mengerti apa2, we still enjoy our trip with him.. most of the time he is a very good boy and he did enjoyed the surrounding. tak de pun nk mengamuk2 ker apa ker.. kalau tak tido, mesti asik bermain dgn logan the lion tu jer.. hikhikhik...

few tips to share during the holiday with an infant
1. make sure u have enough milk prepared for the flight (especially during take off n landing)
2. lots of toys to entertain the baby during the journey.
3. choose taxi rather than tube/bus - senang nk angkut stroller.
4. baby carrier sgt membantu, especially if you want to eat in a busy restaurant (boleh angkat the carrier jer, instead of bring the whole stroller)
5. survey dulu which attraction yg baby/stroller friendly. London Eye and Aquarium mmg tak de masalah.
6. plan the journey well such as nk balik hotel pukul baper.. so, boleh prepare how much milk to bring.. you dont want to bring too much stuffs either..(of course this wouldn't be a problem for BF baby..)
7. check the weather forecast. kalau sejuk, make sure bwk baju tebal..
8. jgn lama2 sgt di luar.. otherwise baby will get cranky because of the long n tired journey.
9. no more travel lite when u have baby!!
10. hmm.. apo lagi yer.. tgk gambar jer laaa... (yg tidak mengikut urutan)

::minum kenyang2 dulu before going out::

::nappy changing @ WHITELY::

::Masih lg tido ketika mama&papa bersarapan::

::at London Sea Life::

::London Eye::

::Logan the Lion - teman baik dlm perjalanan::

::Some of foods yg mama craving::

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