Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Saturday, April 24, 2010

its surrealll!

since last week, i started showing.. and its pretty fast i'd say.. ingat lagi at 18/19 week, my officemates still ckp i didnt look pregnant at all.. but than this week, suddenly suma org ckp wow, u r growing. and yesterday (friday) suma org keep commenting on how fast my tummy getting bigger!! at least now they believe that im pregnant :D

mcm tak percaya pun ader.. wow, im really pregnant (ok, like all those morning sickness havent show enough evidence..:P).. tapi tu laa.. plus after seeing the baby masa scan haritu.. mmg rasa sangat2 yg yes, im having a baby soonnn.. wow!

i still dont gain much weight though.. sbb my morning sickness hasnt go away completely.. still have no appettite toward foods, and still throwing up most evening! tapi my tummy mmg dh getting bigger and heavier.. maybe sbb i mmg dh petite kot, so, nampak sgt ler perut yg memboyot tuu..

so, today i continue my shop hunting for more maternity attire.. my main aim is to get office trousers,jeans and some comfy shoes. been to DP, Topshop, Mothercare, Mamas Papas,Next.. got a nice shoes from clarks and jeans from topshop but still couldnt found the nice pants for work! grrrr... susahnyaa.. my work pants suma dh tak muat, skrg ade satu jer yg boleh pakai, takkan seminggu x tukar2 suar kot... huhuhu..

anyway, we also started buying some itemss for the baby.. i know its still too early, but im going home in 6 weeks time.. so, better start beli apa2 yg patut now.. plus mothercare sales ended tomorrow, so we bought few clothes that were on sale. ingat nk beli yg basic white color jer.. mana la tau, tetiba kuar baby girl plak nanti.. tapi end up beli all blue... hehehhe jgn technician tu salah tgk dh ler..;)

20th week - Scan

yeay! Alhamdulillah.. finally, the day i've been waiting for since the begining of this pregnancy :). Alhamdulillah jugak sbb my baby condition is normal as per detailed scan.. legaaaa sangat..

when i first saw the screen monitor, rasa mcm tak percaya jerr.. everything look soo perfect! the head, the spine, the tummy, the hands n legs..the technician siap focus on the face for a while, eventhough she didnt capture the photo, tapi i still remember you perfectly! the eyes, the nose, the mouth, the cheeks.. hehee.. mommy n daddy cant wait to meet u..

lepas lebih kurang 10-15 mins and after the technician did all the measurements,baby dh start boring and started moving n jumping around.. mesti dh bohsan asik kene push2 by the technician.. as a result, we cant captured the best picture of the baby.. so yg dpt sedikit blurry and not the best position.. but its more than enough to make my day :D

-nampak mcm tgh melonjak jer kan..-

-nope,sbnrnya tgh tertiarap.. -

by the way, according to the measurement, the baby is actually 5 days late compared to current due date.. so, new due date will be 14th September.. waahh, sempat la mommy raya dulu ek.. hehhehe..

and.... we also have found out the gender.. its a....


Sunday, April 18, 2010

19th week update

nothing much to update pun.. still have morning sickness (although a bit better compared to 1st trimester, but..). still miss work 1 or twice per week.. finally meet the midwife at Holles St Maternity Hospital. did the blood test, but the result will only come out in 2-3 wks time. so, basically masih blom tau the actual condition of my pregnancy!

mommy jugak dh start feeling the baby's movement and kicking! start feeling the flutters since week 15 camtu. then week 17 dh dpt rasa baby movement and kicking. baby sangat active! especially ptg2 masa mommy kat office and also at night sblm tido.. last 2 night jugak for the first time daddy pun dpt feel the kicking.. he always miss it before.

anyway, next week on wednesday will be the most excited day of all (so far). will have our first scan! yeay! finally will have the chance to mee my baby. mommy will always pray that everything will turn out ok.. and of course,hopefully baby will cooperate as well. mommy n daddy dah tak sabar nk tau your gender :)

owh, smlm jugak for the first time in 4 months, mommy n daddy went out for shopping. since my morning sickness agak severe, i dont got a chance to go out and do my most favorite activity for quit sometime now.. giler bohsan dok rumah. but smlm we manage to go out. yeay! (despite i hv to bring plastic bag for my salive, and have to stop every 5 mins walking sbb feel dizzy - i do enjoy the shopping). went to mothercare n DP and pennys to find some maternity clothes. dpt 2 helai jer.. yg lain2 tak berkenan sgt.. cukup lah so far..

mothercare tgh sale.. tak sabar nk start shopping for baby, but we will wait untill we know the gender first k.. :)

1 more big news is --- highly likely i will be going home in june to deliver my baby! yeay!.. baru dpt tau yg we can actually apply for early maternity leave (at least 16 weeks early as per Pat Daly (mommy's HR manager). so, planning nk balik in june.. but have to wait until monday to confirm everything with my bos. hopefully my request will be approved.. tak sabar nk balikkkkkkk...