Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Saturday, April 24, 2010

its surrealll!

since last week, i started showing.. and its pretty fast i'd say.. ingat lagi at 18/19 week, my officemates still ckp i didnt look pregnant at all.. but than this week, suddenly suma org ckp wow, u r growing. and yesterday (friday) suma org keep commenting on how fast my tummy getting bigger!! at least now they believe that im pregnant :D

mcm tak percaya pun ader.. wow, im really pregnant (ok, like all those morning sickness havent show enough evidence..:P).. tapi tu laa.. plus after seeing the baby masa scan haritu.. mmg rasa sangat2 yg yes, im having a baby soonnn.. wow!

i still dont gain much weight though.. sbb my morning sickness hasnt go away completely.. still have no appettite toward foods, and still throwing up most evening! tapi my tummy mmg dh getting bigger and heavier.. maybe sbb i mmg dh petite kot, so, nampak sgt ler perut yg memboyot tuu..

so, today i continue my shop hunting for more maternity attire.. my main aim is to get office trousers,jeans and some comfy shoes. been to DP, Topshop, Mothercare, Mamas Papas,Next.. got a nice shoes from clarks and jeans from topshop but still couldnt found the nice pants for work! grrrr... susahnyaa.. my work pants suma dh tak muat, skrg ade satu jer yg boleh pakai, takkan seminggu x tukar2 suar kot... huhuhu..

anyway, we also started buying some itemss for the baby.. i know its still too early, but im going home in 6 weeks time.. so, better start beli apa2 yg patut now.. plus mothercare sales ended tomorrow, so we bought few clothes that were on sale. ingat nk beli yg basic white color jer.. mana la tau, tetiba kuar baby girl plak nanti.. tapi end up beli all blue... hehehhe jgn technician tu salah tgk dh ler..;)

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