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Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Saturday, April 24, 2010

20th week - Scan

yeay! Alhamdulillah.. finally, the day i've been waiting for since the begining of this pregnancy :). Alhamdulillah jugak sbb my baby condition is normal as per detailed scan.. legaaaa sangat..

when i first saw the screen monitor, rasa mcm tak percaya jerr.. everything look soo perfect! the head, the spine, the tummy, the hands n legs..the technician siap focus on the face for a while, eventhough she didnt capture the photo, tapi i still remember you perfectly! the eyes, the nose, the mouth, the cheeks.. hehee.. mommy n daddy cant wait to meet u..

lepas lebih kurang 10-15 mins and after the technician did all the measurements,baby dh start boring and started moving n jumping around.. mesti dh bohsan asik kene push2 by the technician.. as a result, we cant captured the best picture of the baby.. so yg dpt sedikit blurry and not the best position.. but its more than enough to make my day :D

-nampak mcm tgh melonjak jer kan..-

-nope,sbnrnya tgh tertiarap.. -

by the way, according to the measurement, the baby is actually 5 days late compared to current due date.. so, new due date will be 14th September.. waahh, sempat la mommy raya dulu ek.. hehhehe..

and.... we also have found out the gender.. its a....


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