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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Breach of Trust

Finally they aired the shocking programme last night. I was so upset seeing the footage :(. Ya Allah.. It was a nightmare. Menangis mama semalam. Bayangkan kalau perkara yang sama berlaku di sekolah Z. The thing is, we just never know..

Ya Allah....

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THERE HAS BEEN widespread anger and criticism of a number of creches after an RTE Prime Time programme which showed young children being mistreated by staff.
The programme, ‘A Breach of Trust’, aired last night and showed staff aggressively handling children, shouting at them, and fabricating entries in daily diaries detailing what the children had done that day. In one incident, a baby was left in a high chair for two hours, while other children were strapped to their chairs for long periods.
The programme was trending on Twitter in Ireland throughout the evening as viewers took to social media to express their shock. Hundreds of people also left angry comments on the Facebook page of Links Childcare, which has since been deleted.
Journalists posing as childcare staff secretly recorded footage at three creches – the Links creche in Abington in Dublin, the Giraffe creche in Belarmine, Stepaside, and Little Harvard in Rathnew, Wicklow – which had been found to have broken HSE childcare regulations in the past.
The programme raised serious questions about the weak regulation and inspection regime of creches. Under documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, the programme makers found that 75 per cent of pre-schools and creches breached HSE regulations in 2012, but with little, if any, consequence for the organisations.
Gardaí are currently investigating complaints about the alleged mistreatment of children in two creches in Dublin.
Neither a HSE representative nor the Minister for Children Frances Fitzgerald appeared on the programme or on the subsequent panel discussion.
The representative group for creches in Ireland said there were “no excuses” to justify the poor practice documented in the programme.
“Our thoughts go out to the children and parents directly affected but also to the thousands of childcare professionals across the country who deliver great experiences for children every day who are feeling vulnerable following this programme,” said Early Childhood Ireland in a statement following the programme.
Early Childhood Ireland said the government and HSE need to change the way creches and pre-schools are inspected.
Prime Time said that the undercover reporters had childcare qualifications and received advice from a childcare expert during filming. The undercover staff reported a number of serious incidents which they witnessed to the HSE.
The programme will be aired only once, and will not be uploaded to the RTE Player for future viewing.

Update: Please note that no physical violance involved. cubit, tampar tu memang takde. cuma shouting and swearing. mengherdik. and on few ocassions the children has been put on 'discipline'. Ada toddler tu konon2nya nakal, so he being strap on his chair for over 1 hours while he's crying n hungry. cruel! in baby room, the babies were being left on their cotbeds without supervision and the door was closed during their nap time (staffs were on lunch break). babies also being left on their highchair for nearly 2 hours. i never put Z on highchair for more than 20 mins!!! and one scene yang sangat2 menyedihkan for me personally was when there is 1 boy who is unwell and of course he was very clingy and crying the whole time. instead of consoling him, he being punished. the staff asked him to sleep on the same room where other kids are playing around. without even given a mattress! yes, he being left lying on the floor, crying and sick!!! I couldn't imagine if Z being put on that situation :( and the worst part is the scene when they having their nap time. staff will get their rest time when the children having their nap. for that reason they want all children go to sleep as soon as possible - with force. the swearing, the shouting. OMG. If any of the children try to wake up, they will be PUSH back to the mattress. tunjal2 muka ke tilam. and 1 time, a child being FLIP aggressively from his back to his tummy. main lanting2 jer.. teringat video bibik indon yang hempuk2 baby tu. Of course la tak seteruk itu, but OMG that staff is a psycho!
other complaint was fabricating of the diary. Main tulis jer.. Well, honestly i dont really believe what they wrote on Z's book anyway. banyak kali dah kantoi. eg: Z enjoy pushing around toy trucks. Really? since when Z boleh pegang something for a longer period. pushing truck konon..pegang pun tak lepas lagi. ada satu kali tu, diorang tulis Z makan buah habis sepinggan.. ni masa baru2 dulu la.. so i asked them, yer? buah apa? apple n grape katanya.. ok, how did you gave it to him? oh, we cut it into a small bit he like it. mama senyum jer la.. Z only eat pureed dear.. soft lump mcm banana tu pun dia akan tercekik. nak tipu pun agak2 la.. berubah muka minah tu (bukan cikgu Z la). Sebab tu mama lagi prefer bersoal jawab dengan diorang drpd baca jer report book tu.. 

but of course, i do believe most of carer in Z centre are good person and wont do anything harm towards him. setakat tipu buku record tu, dimaafkan lagi la.. i know cikgu kelas Z aoife and gloria can be trusted. but i am not sure about his new carer though.. Z kan baru pindah kelas.. harap2nya the 2 new staffs pun baik jugak la.. amin...

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  1. takutnya...
    Perkara camni ni boleh berlaku dimana2 nursery/kindy.
    Ya Allah, lindungilah anak2 kami.