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Monday, February 21, 2011

Solid: Food Processor

Since Z^ch dah start solid nih, i'm thinking of homemade food la for him. at the moment i just give him rice cereal jer. the problem is, most of over-the-counter baby food tu ade milk. dia nih kan lactose intolerate skit.. so, mmg tak banyak choice laa.. thats why homemade is the best.

so, thinking of buying food processor. ade few yg catch my eyes at the moment. from the review i at first thought of buying this cute n simple NScessity Mini Food Processor. mmg kecik n sangat murah. from the review, mmg this FP doing a great job for baby food..

and then i came across this one (The First Years Baby Pro All-in-One) mmg plan nk beli steamer (for baby) jugak, so this is 2in1. price pun ok laa (compared to that beaba babycook..) so instead of have to buy a separate steamer, this one is a good buy actually. plus it's BPA free..

but then tadik masa jalan2 kat kedai baby berdekatan, i found this petit terraillon! price wise lebih kurang jer dgn harga Baby-Pro tu, tapi bukan aje ada steamer, ade food/bottle warmer and steriliser too.. wow.. really value for money nih.. hmmm.. now im soo confused.. mana satu nk amik nih.. ish ish.. padehal we already have food/bottle warmer n steriliser.. but mengikut kata ahkak jurujual tadik, this all-in-one petit terraillon nih adelah bagus especially for travel.. it come with its own travel bag (and we will go home in May for 2 wks) haiyooo..

hmm.. need to make decision fast. plan nk start homemade puree soon nih.. karang yo-yo jer beli, then tak pakai pun.. (bibik saye tu pemalash lipash skit) but at least sblm saye start keje nih, boleh la prepare the food myself. ...
Update on Food Processor (based on my own experienced) Part II

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