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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Something In The Air?

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Haritu masa lepak2 dengan kawan2 mama, kitorang tetiba macam baru realised...
ALL of us have boys!
untie yat has 2 boys. untie yas pun has 2 boys, untie nana and mama 1 each. how weird is that?

(on the other hand, it is good, sebab bila masuk shopping complex, we can just focused on boys section hehehe)

then we started counting on other people kids as well (busy body). most of people that we knows (about 90%) who live in city centre have boys! tak ke heran di situ?

family yg live outside dublin jer yg ada girls.

so, kitorang buat conclusion, sapa nak anak pompuan lepas nih, sila lah pindah ke luar dublin yer.. hehehehe..

p/s: rezeki Allah yg tentukan, semuanya hanya satu kebetulan.. :)


  1. means, kalau i nak baby boy kena laa gi dublin ni?? heheheee...

  2. yes,betuuul! meh dublin meh! hehehe..