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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year

Self-Reflection on last day of 2012
Semalam (31st Dec 2012) mama hantar Z ke school at 11, then mama pergi town. niat asal nak shopping untuk diri sendiri, but end up shop untuk Z juga yang lebih.. have my brunch around 1 then sambung shopping balik. Pukul 3 mama dah tercongok depan skolah Z :)

Looking back in 2012.. hmmm.. what can I say? I dont think much interesting thing ke? maybe sebab mood hujung tahun x bagus kot.. ntahlah.. hopefully 2013 will bring more happiness n health to our small family. And my very own new year resolution: Need to look after myself too!

Btw, some highlights for 2012;

January - first time apart from Z, mama went to Brussels for 2 days trip. 
February - London trip. 4 days 3 nights. Z's loves National Gallery!!
March - St. Patrick's day + mama's birthday. Started noticing Z's Strangers Anxiety behavior
May - 4 days 3 nights Netherlands trip  
June - 2 weeks holiday in Malaysia - worst trip because of Z's anxiety. 
July - Start Gymboree class. Longest Ramadhan
August - Birthday Z, Aidilfitri, Giraffe orientation week
September - Z officially in creche (nursery/daycare)
October - moved to a new place close to Giraffe, Autism?
November - 2 weeks holiday in Malaysia, xenotransplant, maid-less.
December - Mama started on 3 days per week job.

I think 2013 will be a quieter year for us. Will struggle a bit financially due to my unpaid leaves and we also saving up for Z's next treatment. I think I have prepared that mentally, just need to carefully manage our budget. Nevertheless, I am sure spending time with my son is still my highest priority. Looking forward to 2013. Bring it on!!

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