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Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Big Boy

Naik flight dah tak perlu di riba :) Sebelum nih time take off and landing masih kena riba, tapi sekarang tidak lagi. He really enjoyed looking through the window, fall asleep straight after take off. 

This was last week.

Sepanjang dalam flight pun he was well behave and wont mind wearing the seatbealt. Ada satu masa tu, time preparing for landing (and there was traffic in Dublin airport, so flight kena berlegar for quite sometime jugak), cabin air pressure was very low. Mama pun pening and sakit kepala yang tak terhingga (it always happen when I travel with flu). Mama rasa Z pun mengalami perasaan yang sama, mama tengok Z sangat tak selesa. Sekejap pusing sana, sekejap pusing sini, sekejap menonggeng, mama bagi susu pun tak nak - but he wasnt even crying! 


Nanti lah mama update citer percutian nih.. :)

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