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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

update tertangguh

waahh, dh sebulan rupanya this blog x berupdate.. been busy with soo many things for the past month.. so, kite update in summary jer la yer..

1. Heamoglobin test
Alhamdulillah, daddy's blood cells screening comes back normal.. so, we have been called by the heamathology consultant utk some counselling. basically dia cakap baby stll have 50-50 chances untk becoming a carrier like me.. but at least we dont have to worry about the deasease. legaa sangat..

2. Glucose test
mmg dari memula check up at our GP, dia dh mentioned my urine hv high glucose level pun.. but then lepas buat daily blood glucose test (ape ke namanya yg cucuk2 kat jari tuu) for 2 weeks, we are happy that im not diabetic.
tapi on my last check up at Holly St hospital on 01/06 tu, diorang insist i go for the 1 hr glucose test yg minum air gula tuuu.. so, malas nk ckp banyak, buat jer la.. thank god glucose test kat sini bukan lah minum air gula pekat sprt yg selalu i bace tu.. but it taste more like a lucozade orange jer.. sedapp.. diorang ckp will call back kalau ade problem, but they never did. so, i assume everything normal laaa..

3. Packing n moving
since nk balik malaysia for quite sometime, we decided to let go our apartment (plus we need bigger apartment after this sbb ahli keluarga dh bertambah kan..)so, barang2 suma nk kena put on storage company.. so, bermulalah activity mempacking.. penatnyaaa.. dah la mengah, rasanya i can only managed to pack 1 box per day. hubby ler yg terpaksa membuat most of the packing thing.. rumah amat bersepah, kesihatan amat teruk, emosi amat terganggu.. risau jugak kalau jadik apa2time tu.. but alhamdulillah, we managed to pack most of the stuffs before i left..

4. Hubby's new job
planning nya, hubby pun balik skali ke malaysia on 10/06 tuu.. tapi last minuet (4-5 days before) he got an offer in cork, which require him to register early.. waaaaa... meaning that i have to travel all alone! from that moment, lg ler busy our life.. dgn lot of packing to do.. dgn hubby yg perlu arrange lots of thing regarding his work, and me have to deal with the emotional depression.. mmg dugaan besar ler.. we also have to cancelled few flights tickets..mmg ribu2 jugak kerugian, but InsyaAllah, we believe this happen for our goodness..

5. Back to Malaysia
on the 10th tu, berterbangan lah saya seorang diri diiringi airmate suami.. huhuhu.. seb baik ler my friend meri n little caroline pun balik m'sia on the same flight. ade gak teman.. kalau tak, mesti bercucuran air mata saya sepanjang 15 hrs journey tuu.. Alhamdulillah, the flight journey was excellent. baby pun gumbira kicking here n there jer dlm flight tuu.. flights attentants pun sgt2 baik hati terhadap ibu mengandung nih.. (except flight airasia from lcct - alor star.. pfffthh!! malaysian citizen masih lagi terkebelakang in term of manners!!) arrived safely in Alor Star around 11pm on the 11/06. sampai2 jer terus pegi makan2.. :) aaahhh, this is what i miss the most about malaysia :)

6. Antenatal check up
decided to deliver my baby at Kedah Medical Centre (KMC). tapi people advice me to open my buku merah from nearby clinic.. so, amik clinik desa yg dekat rumah jer laa.. the problem is, tak de doctor at clinic desa.. so, have to go to another KK kalau ade appointment dgn doctor.. fuuhh, dh la transportation susah, now i have to visit 3 places for my antenatal check up.
Anyho.. at KMC i choosed dr. kamarulzaman as my obgyn. so far sgt berpuas hati dgn their service. his kids plak mmg study kat ireland, so banyak jugak ler bende yg we all boleh borak2.. owh, i also has been advised to do another glucose test. this time 2 hrs.. and yukk! mmg pure air gula yg diorang suruh minum!!! sampai termuntah jugak ler skit.. according to hubby, kalau dh muntah tu, sbnrnya test nya dh void, malas la nk buat lagi, so i decided not to mentioned it to the doc or lab tech.. (LOL).. lgpun sikit jerr.. wont affect rasanya.. diorang pun ckp will call back kalau ade problem, which they didnt.. so, i assume ok ler tu kot...

7. huge belly

Perut saya sgt besarr!!! dr. kamarulzaman ckp amniotic fluid banyak sgt.. thats why he wants me to do the glucose test.. sbb diabetic could be 1 of the reason.. haih, mmg suma org yg saya jumpa thought that im either having twin or is really close to my due date.. 10 more weeks to go!!! OMG, hopefully my baby is comfortable in there.. risau gak kalau nanti there's no more room for my belly to expand.. habis la my baby kene squeze kat dlm tu... huhuhu

8. 4d scan

Finally, managed to get the 4d scan. Dr. kamarulzaman mmg ade scan nih kat bilik dia.. according to the nurse, dia mmg akan slalu buat pun tiap kali check up.. hehehe, luv it.. boleh la mummy tgk muka anak mummy puas2.. last visit dr kam print out kan 2photos.. so, dh email to hubby.. and my baby looks definitely like my hubby n me! owh, cant wait to meet them (baby n hubby) tapi baby jgn ler kuar awal2 sgt k.. mummy takut nanti banyak health problem plak, walopon now ur lung suma dh well perform, tapi tunggu la dulu k... at least 2 more months ker.. or sampai daddy balik on ur due date nanti ker.. :)

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