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Friday, July 16, 2010

32 weeeks: 4d scan

kite lupakan sekejap lah kisah sedih tu yer..
i am soo happy sehari dua nih after seeing my baby smlm.. :)
walopon my case dah di transfer ke Hosp Sultanah Bahiyah, i decided to go back to KMC yesterday.. saje laa nk g jumpa doctor kamarulzaman, nk say thanks suma2 sbb he is the one yg found out about my conditions and all the advice he given to us.

so, meeting smlm pun more macam informal jer laa.. sembang2 on future management plan of delivery and dia pun ckp, boleh aje if i still insist utk deliver here in KMC, tapi the baby will still have to be transferred to HSB sbb the surgeon is there.. tak nak lah saya berpisah dgn baby seawal itu kan..

lepas sembang2 tu, i ckp ler, boleh tak nk buat 4d scan skali lagi.. dia ckp no problem, so di godek2 ler perut saye.. fluid keep increasing, resulting a clearer scan. baby sgt selesa dlm perut mummy, masih boleh berenang2 kesana kesini walaupun dh 32 weeks.. (but of course la ade contradiction nyer..)

anyway, babys measurement adelah normal.. mmg as per schedule.. weight pun dh 1.95kg. so, insyaAllah, boleh capai target at least 2.2kg before induce nanti.. Alhamdulillah.. legaaa sgt bila dpt tgk n tahu babys conditions so far.. dh lama rasanya mummy berendam air mata.. kalau tak, asik dpt bad news jer for the past 2 weeks..huhuh

hubby pun happy sgt when i emailed the photos.. i know its been really hard for him as well.. dah la jauh.. then his work itself yg been very demanding.. *sigh*..

eh, enough with those sad story mummy! lets show some photos :)

alamakk... internet slow ler plak.. besok ler sambung.. tskk..

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