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Monday, July 26, 2010

Duodenal Atresia

Seperti yg dh di khabarkan before, my baby was diagnosed with Duodenal Atresia (DA).
actually, masa dr kamal mentioned about this condition, i hv no clue at all pun.. bila tanya dia, dia ckp that basically baby ada masalah with his usus kecik. Ususnya not fully performed and either fully closed/sempit menyebabkan kesukaran utk baby memprocess makanan/minuman.

DA is a rare condition and only happens in 1:10,000 birth, and can also be associated with other conditions such as heart problem, lung, pancreases and chromosome abnormalities (about 30% of child diagnosed with DA also have Down’s Syndrome)

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What happen before baby’s birth?

Mmg slalu jugak DA associated with Polyhydramnios (excessive of amniotic fluid in mummy’s womb). Air ketuban yg banyak terhasil disebabkan oleh keadaan baby yg tak dapat memproses liquid surrounding. Baby normally akan minum the fluid and then kuarkan balik as his urine. Dgn cara tersebut, dia dpt mengawal quantity air dlm perut maknya.. tapi disebabkan my baby tak dpt memproses liquid tersebut, amniotic fluid dlm uterus saya pun keep on increasing.
Disebabkan pressure from amniotic fluid surrounding him (and also his inability utk process food) baby with DA ni slalunya kurang skit la growth berbanding normal baby. (so far Alhamdulillah, my baby’s growth rate masih normal..)
Also, kalau tgk menerusi scan, perut baby akan Nampak dilated sedikit. Tapi at this stage doctor belum dapat memastikan how severe the problem is until the baby is born.

After Delivery
As soon as the baby is born, slalunya they will look normal – until they are being feed. Slalunya baby with DA akan terus muntah2 (hijau) within few hrs of their life.
As for my baby’s case, since we already detected his condition earlier, as soon as he is born, dia akan terus di ambik alih oleh neonatal team so they can perform full check up and x-ray so they’ll know exactly how severe the problem is and if there are any other problems beside DA.
Then they will decide on the surgery utk betulkan apa2 yg tak betul tu.. slalunya surgery will be performed within 3 days of the baby’s life.. and until then, my baby hanya boleh feeding through IV sahaja (even until few weeks after surgery)

The Surgery

Buat masa sekarang kite masih blom tahu the plan for surgery, but if the condition is not severe normally it will only take about 90 minutes. We will get a more detailed plan for surgery as soon as the baby is born.

After surgery
Slalunya within 2 weeks after surgery, baby will still be in NICU and will be feed through IV. Kalau condition bertambah baik, they will gradually introduced milk (still melalui IV) and see if the baby could accept any fluids and most importantly nak tgk if the baby dapat poop or pee. Kalau everything ok, barulah baby boleh minum through direct feeding (bottle / breast). Slalunya kalau condition not worsening, thats the only surgery he will ever need, tapi it is normal to have follow up surgery which will depend on how successful the first one is.


Semoga my baby dilindungiNya.. amin..

p/s: baby, mummy will always pray for you. Whatever the future will bring, mummy will always luv you and will be by your side.


  1. salam, strong sis.. sy doakan agar semuanya selamat.. actually, my sis die pon dpt detect something pd baby die when she doing the detailed scan. her daughter,only one kidney functioning. byk kali turun naik hospital.but she was so strong.. she said, she must be strong for her daughter..

  2. thanks Nini..
    tu la, kadang2 rasa penat sgt turun naik hospital nih.. sigh..
    but yes, i have to be strong for my baby.. InsyaAllah..

  3. Salam Puan,

    Anak kedua saya juga di detect DA dlm kandungan around 28 wks. Nak share panjang, boleh kita berborak kat email kalau tak keberatan? :)

    Hope to hear from you soon ,

  4. Salam sis , my baby baru lahir 14 hari . Dan detect DA dr usia kandungan 26weeks . Boleh share pengalaman sis . Hope to hear from u . Email me