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Sunday, June 12, 2011

10 Months Old!

Cepatnyaaa masa berlalu.. In 2 months time, Z dah masuk setahun.. Berdebar2 pulak mama.. Teringat entry detik2 kelahiran Z yg masih belum siap tu.. Hmm.. Have to finish them in these 2 months lah.. *uhuk2*

Anyway, berat Z as of today is 8.4 kg. It should have been more, tapi during our trip last few days (which i will blog about soon later2) Z x berapa makan / minum sangat. Mmg terasa lah yg beliau semakin kurus dan ringan.. :(

In term of development, he is soo babbly!! Dah ada 2 syllibus.. Tatatatatata...dadadaddadada..babababaaa.. Sblm nih pun he's babling jugak.. But more like cooing jer lah.. Aaaaa uuuu hmmmm gitu :)

Z sangat peramah orgnya.. Tapi kalau baru berjumpa tu, mmg dia akan diam aje lah.. Dah lama2 tu, mmg sakanlah dia berborak. Masa dlm flight haritu, we sat beside a good looking lady amboi2 nak oooiiii.. Bukan main lagi dia dok menggatal dgn minah tu. Selalunya mmg dia susah skit nk berborak dgn org tak kenal, but with this lady, punyalah dia peramah. Minah tu pandang jer tempat lain, mesti Z akan panggil2. Then asik gelak2 mengekek2.. Hish, kecik2 dah pandai yerr.. Malu lah mama..hehehe

Another thing is, Z dah start showing tantrum. Kalau dia mengamuk, mmg menjerit2 berguling2 jadiknya.. Hmm, mmg anak mama lah tu.. Mama mmg terkenal satu kampung kecik2 dulu kalau bab2 mengamuk nih hihihihi..

Dia jugak suka menjerit. Especially when being left alone. Then kalau dia nk sesuatu, tapi x dpt contohnya mcm nk ambik toys depan dia, but because he can not move yet, mmg dia akan menjerit marah2. Kesian bibik, asik kena marah jer. kalau tgh tgk his favorite DVD tu, jgn lah ganggu.. mesti dia akan marah2 jugak.. Kalau Z marah mama, selalunya mama malas nak layan sgt. Nanti he got the idea yg by screaming, he will get his way. Tak nak lah macam tu sayangg...

Z masih blom boleh merangkak or duduk. Tapi meniarap tu dh makin hebat. Dah boleh pusing2 but still can not move forward or backward. Dah boleh push up a bit. So insyaAllah x lama lagi bolehlah bergerak tu yer..:)
Duduk (with support) pun bertambah pandai.. Dah tak perlu sandar2 lg. Good progress my dear! :)

Jumperoo still his favorite. Could jump for hours. Tapi i wont let him sit there for more than 30 mins lah.. Kalau jumping tu, mmg sampai gegar2 habis. Then he also has discovered yg he actually could rotate his body using jumperoo tu. Mmg pusing2 jer lah kejenyaa.. I think thats probably why he love it so much. Dia mesti rasa hebat sangat sbb have freedom to move kan..:)

Its ok honey.. Sooner or later, you will definitely be able to walk n run like others too.. Just it will take more time jer lah..

Yesterday, for the first time social worker from St. Michael House (SMH) datang visit. Basically he want to access Z n see what type of help required. Z definitely needs physiotherapy. But he said Z already have a strong head, arms and legs control. So he doesnt needs that much help. The physio will be here every six week aje just to give little help. Then for speech therapy pun, he thinks Z should be ok since he already show a good communication skills plus he doesnt have any issue with feeding, which normally gave a good indication on speech effect. But still, he will refer Z to speech therapist just for screening.

Then we also talk a lot about SMH and what their plan for Z in future. Also what benefit we got from government which is actually quite a lot! Alhamdulillah, i can see quite a clear path now. Of course im worried what his future will be, but at least i know we have some of the best facilities that could help us in providing the best for him.

last but not least, video Z tgh bubbling :)

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1 comment:

  1. Clevernyaaa Z
    Z, slow slow pun takper..
    Infact, kakak Hazel pun lambat jalan tau.
    Dah dekat 10 mths, baru reti merangkak (bukan commando)

    So, takper.. take ur own sweet time ya..
    Hugs & kisses from Anty & kakak Hazel..
    Here in KB :D