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Friday, June 17, 2011

London-Oxford n Anniversary

Last week papa and mama didn't go to work. We went to England for 4 days. Our journey started really early on sunday morning and i was still sleepy when we reached the airport. Mama said we could save some money on early flights.. I am not sure if it worth it though...

We arrived London around 9.30am n after having our breakfast at the airport, we took a bus to Oxford city. I really enjoy my bus journey. I saw lots of cars n trucks and also cows and horses and sheep. mama keep singing the wheel on the bus and old mcdonald songs to me throughout the whole journey. Despite her out of tune voice, i do love it :D

First day in Oxford, we havent done much. Papa said people in Oxford are genius. So, papa force me to read my book the whole time i was there. Maybe because we are in one of the top and oldest university in the world, i seem to enjoy my reading too.

In the evening, pak lang arrived all the way from malaysia. Last time i met him was 6months ago. I barely recognised him, but pak lang said he misses me soo much and kiss n hug me all the time. I think i love pak lang too.. After all, he really loves mama and always be there when mama needs help.

Monday 6th June was mama n papa's 2nd year anniversary. They said they dont need a romantic gateway because they rather spend their time with me :D. So we went for Oxford city sightseeing using the hop-on hop-off bus. I slept most of the time so, i dont really saw the uniqueness of the university buildings. Hopefully next time papa n mama will bring me to Oxford again..

That afternoon during our lunch, we met uncle anuar. Mama said uncle anuar is a famous malaysian singer and mama n papa were really excited meeting him. (Mama thinks uncle anuar is really charming n good looking). I dont know much about his talent, but i do think he is a really nice person. We stayed in the same hotel, so we met him few times.

On the 3rd day, we went to Bicester Village. Me n papa think its a boring place. After few shops, we've surrendered and just sat in the coffee house. While mama on the other hand running here and there. Mama bought few clothes for me n papa and she got herself the second handbag for this week. Mama said she needs more bags to put my belongings.. well, if it is for me, then im ok with it :P.

After check out, we headed back to London. It took nearly 2 hours by cab before we reached our hotel. The traffic was quite bad. This was supposed to be my second visit to London, but I don’t remember London much during my first visit except for the aquarium and London Eye (I was either busy sleeping or playing with Logan). This time I refused to sleep when mama asked me to. I tried to look for a sky like I always did in a car, but I couldn’t see it. Then I realized that London has lots and lotsss of tall and glassy building. They were really amazed me. That night we went to Pak Lang’s friend's house for some Malaysian authentic dinner.

On day 4, we check out early in the morning and we went to Bayswater. Mama n papa wanted to makan2-ala2-melayu at Bayswater area. After lunch, we then took a train from Victoria Station to Gatwick airport and our flight depart London at 5.30pm.

After 4 days of being a Mr. Nice Guy, I decided to stir things up a bit in the flight. Actually I don’t really want to go home, so I thrown a bit of my tantrum. I refused to wear the seat-belt and started to jump and scream. I also don’t want to drink my milk and when the flight took off, I felt a little pressure on my ears. I realized when I scream, it ease a bit. So, I kept screaming… When papa try to hold me, I cried my heart out and made papa feel guilty. Papa thought that he has tripped n braked my leg. I pretend to cry every time he touched my legs to check if anything went wrong which makes him even worried. Actually i just prefer to sit with mama because i could see the sky through the window :P. After about 45 mins of chaotic moments, I’ve surrendered and remain calm.. but it was fun though.. especially when I saw mama’s n papa’s face :P.

I really enjoy my trip. Even after we come back from the trip, i still enjoyed it. because mama n papa were at home for the rest of the week. I love spending time with both of them. I havent seen them much, especially papa.. I can only meet him during weekends. Hopefully in future, i got to see them more...

Anyway, when’s our next holiday mama n papa?

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