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Thursday, September 22, 2011

My New Ride

*Smart Trike - Recliner*

Birthday present from me ma and me da, which i really love! I would prefer riding this tricyle rather than my boring buggy!(although technically, mama/papa is the one who have to push me).

Every evening after work, if the weather is permitting, we will have a nice stroll to the garden downstair - while mama singing 'tanya sama pokok' song.

sometimes we might also went to the shopping centre nearby. the best thing is, if i am tired, i could have a nap on this trike because it has recliner seat.

it also come with a raincover. which is handy for typical irish weather..

it's very easy to manouver, so now i can follow mama even for a quick groceries shopping at the tesco downstair.

and best of all, it does catches a lot of attention! especially with the ladies ;)
(that girl is trying to give me a donut, but mama wont allow me to take it)

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