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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Giraffe Assesment

Semalam ada appointment dengan Child Development Specialist (CDS) From Giraffe HQ. basically dia cuma nk access Z tgk development camner and if any specific programme needed.

On the way ke skolah

Dia bagitau they have few DS child in other branches as well, and dia memang monitor their development closely.

So lepas assesment tu, which Z of course melalak, she is happy to put Z in wobblers room. She also will arrange Z to have 1 on 1 session with the carer once a day so they could pay attention on physio or speech exercise. Disebabkan Z punya anxiety, dia suggest for 5 days induction period (selalu 2-3 hari jer). So we will start with 1 hr on first day, then build up the hours over the week. Hopefully Z will get use to the serounding by end of the week (week 27 aug).

Muka tension

For food, mama offer utk sediakan daily lunch box. Tapi dia kata its their policy to prepare the food. But mama could bring in the cooked meat. So, utk hari yg diorang makan daging/ayam, mama cuma perlu bawak ayam yg di masak dirumah, and they will add it to their food eg pasta, rice etc. and because Z still cannot tolerate lumps, he will be given pureed food. Tapi for snack mama still insist utk bring homemade jelly/dessert. Mainly because mama dah masukkan his supplement on those snack. Plus he is on dairy free, susah plak diorang nk sediakan yogurt and all.

Hopefully semuanya berjalan lancar.. :)

Alang2 mama kat sana tu, sempat jugak mama jengah2 kawasan persekitaran. We plan to move to that area soon. So far these 2 apartments yg mama berkenan.


Custom House Sq. betul2 depan Giraffe, senang nk drop Z then ke office. Cuma apartment ni agak lama sikit lah compare to current place. Furniture pun agak out dated..

Nuuun di hujung sana

The other one is Spencer Dock. The newest apartment block in this area. Decor n furniture still crispy new. View pun cantik. Mama mmg berkenan sangat sebenarnya.. Tapi agak jauh, about 5 minits from giraffe. But on the way to office. So, mama boleh jer naik tram (both apt ada tram stesen depan rumah) n stop depan giraffe, then hop back to office.

Both apartments tgh ada kekosongan nih.. Tapi mama plan nak pindah end of oct kot. Bukan apa, we might move to 1 bed apt jer nanti (down sizing huhuhu), so bibik mau letak mana.. Unless if we got new bibik, then we will definitely have to move to 2 bed apt. So, nothing much we can do at the moment..

kalau ikutkan mama lg prefer current apartment sebab betul2 in city centre. Senang nk shopping Tapi mahal n jauh gak from Giraffe. Mama kena hantar Z, then patah balik ke opis pulak. 45 minits gak tu.. Petang another round pulak..

Mama berdoa perjalanan kita dipermudahkan.. Seperti yang selalu mama bagitau Z, InsyaAllah mama hanya mahukan yang terbaik untuk Z :)
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  1. i'm sure Allah will make it even smoother for u and ur angel :)

    hang on there mama..

  2. Thanks Nur, semoga semunya berjalan lancar..insyaAllah.. :)