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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Autism / GDD

We've done our evaluations (4 sessions) with the Psychologist, not for autism - but for Global Development Delay instead. According to Maeve (the Psychologist) it is quite difficult to do autism assesment on Z at the moment because he is too young, however if the signs still persistence in 1-2 years then they will do the test for autism.

We have received the report last week and to no surprise, Z is significantly delayed in term of his developement. Banyak kali Maeve tanya mama, are you surprise with the result? No, of course not. I know he is delayed long ago, that's why I am worry and thats why the issue about autism arised and that also the reason why I took unpaid leave.

The good thing is (according to Maeve), she thinks some of his autism signs has dissappeared. If based on her initial assesment 6/7 months ago, Z does tick a lot of boxes for autism. Now only few issues left and most of it can be explained by his developmental delayed. For example hands flapping. Katanya babies memang suka shake their hands and arms when they excited.. ok.. (as far as I remember, Z's has been doing this since he was 10 months I think). Then pointing, baby memang tak pandai pointing lagi.. hmm.. ok make sense.. So basically Z is still at a baby stage (10-16 months), that's why he do and can not do what he supposed to do. And the fact that he has improved a lot for the last couple of months, meaning he is able to learn, just the pace isnt the same as any other toddler or even to other DS kids.

So the plan is to continue support him, more therapies, more exercise and hopefully he will reach his milestones soon.

Alhamdulillah, mama rasa berbaloi penah lelah mama for the last 7/8 months. Yes he is significantly delay, but he does improved a lot. Autism is only a diagnosis, a label. I am working on the symptoms. It doesnt matter what the label is. I hope Z will reach his full potential and I believe he will. And of course I will continue to do the very best for him :)

peace.. :)

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