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Monday, July 29, 2013


Doctor Mona (GP) call mama on Thursday and her conversation begin with ' you know what, you are right all along!' Yep, I knew it has something to do with his thyroid. His iron level is ok and his blood count also perfect. Bila mama tengok result thyroid Z masa lepas surgery haritu (which is VERY normal) I know something is not right. TSH Z tak pernah normal. Selalu above average. Not much higher, but slightly over. But his T3 and T4 is still within normal range.Sub-clinical Hypothyroid. So Dr Murnaghan (Paed) cakap tak perlu treatment sebab he doesnt really have other symptom pun. Plus mama n papa pun tak nak ler Z's life depends on ubat.

And now his TSH is quite high, and t3 t4 still within the range (but t4 is quite low). Dr Mona cakap Sub-clinical hypot jer if based on numbers (lab value). The only problem is, the symptoms. Hair loss, constipation (sekarang Z cuma bm every 3 days!), enlarged tongue and recently fatigue (asik nak tido jer keje dia.. kejap2 sangap. Nap 2 jam pun tak cukup). Those are quite alarming. Dr Mona pun tak sure to proceed with treatment or not, so dia refer us to paed endocrinologist. Hmm.. lagi 2-3 bulan la jawabnya.. 

Botak ler kepala Z kalau nak tunggu lagi 3 bulan. Mama tak risau sangat pasal botak tu sebab once the thyroid is ok, his hair will grow back. Mama cuma risau pasal constipation and fatigue. Constipation could effect his bowel blockage. Pastu asik penat jer.. Weekend haritu Z cranky sepanjang masa. Temperature takde lah tinggi, suam2 sikit badan tapi asik menangis and nak menempek dengan mama jer.. Ya Allah.. risau betul mama. Dah lama dah Z tak sakit2. Last dia demam teruk masa awal April dulu jer. Since then, memang sihat walafiat until now.. 

Honestly, mama lagi prefer putting him under thyroid supplement now. Papa kata nanti susah nak wean off sebab once dah start dia akan depends on the medicine and wont be able to produce his own hormone. But I think we should for now. It has been nearly 3 years now and his TSH never normal. Sigh..

Btw, Dr Mona pun dah resign.. (-____-')

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  1. Semoga Allah memberi kesembuhan kepada Z dan memberkati hidupnya.