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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Teacher!

Mama baru dapat call dari Mairead, dia cakap diorang baru approve extra support untuk Z. So far Yvonne keje 3 morning kan, now they have added another staff yang akan keje 2 afternoon (Thursday/Friday) Maksudnya tiap2 hari akan ada sorang assistant khas untuk Z. Yipppiiiii!!! Kurang sikit kerisauan mama..(Thank God bukan Carol)

Cuma.. Mama dah email bos semalam untuk ambik 2 years Carer’s Break. And he will meet me this afternoon at 4 to discuss about it. Haiyoo.. now macam dah bertukar plan jer nih. Nak piker pun tak sempat, lagi sejam nak jumpa.. haish, macam mana nih..

Plan asal mama, ambik carer break, but working 15 hrs per week (tu maksimum boleh keje kalau on Carer’s Break). So, mama nk mintak keje full day Monday, then half day Tuesday n Wednesday. Z akan pegi sekolah la on those 3 days, but Tuesday n Wednesday tu mama pegi ambik lepas keja tgh hari tu (Skolah still kena bayar full jugak). Another option is, kalau bos mama x approved 15hr tu, mama memang terus cuti jer la. But mama x boleh la nak hantar Z ke Giraffe 3 days per week. Sesia jer la mama cuti kalau nk hantar Z ke sekolah jugak kan. But at the same time, mama tak nak ler kehilangan Yvonne. So ada satu lagi crèche ni, jauh sikit but very similar to Giraffe, and much more cheaper. N they accept half day. Maksudnya mama boleh je hantar Z ke sana 3 half day (hari yg Yvonne keje). Takde la nk bazir bayar full day kan.. So that’s the plan.

Now, kalau dah cikgu lagi satu pun ada, macam mana pulak plan nya nih.. Should I just cancel my intention for Carer’s Break??? I don’t think so. I still need time to bring Z to therapies and all. So I think we just carry on with the plan. Tatau lagi cikgu baru tu best ke tak kan..

Now, I just thinking out loud. Sebab tgh gelabah nih nk jumpa bos kejap lagi, plan pulak berubah last minit.. fuuuhh.. I think I just go with my original plan la..

Mama dah discuss dgn Mairead, and she’s quite surprise jugak, but she also feels that Z will benefit more when I am not working pun. Tu la, lain kali bagitau la awal2 apa plannya.. mama memang dah bagitau dia dari dulu, yang mama akan cuba usahakan untuk cuti or kerja part time. Tapi mama x bagitau la bila.. sigh.. but at least the new cikgu will start from tomorrow until end of February (notis mama from 1st March). Untuk March on wards, we will think of the best way to deal with it..

But what if bos mama kata x boleh keje 15hrs per week tu? Should I cancel my plan? Mairead kata dia tak sure Safari tu covered under her area or not. Safari tu dublin 2 address nya i.e south side dublin. Mairead cover North side jer (our home n Giraffe is in Dublin 1 ie North side). But dia cakap certain town area still covered just because they are on the border. Kalau mama tak keje and have to pay for Giraffe, i think that's a waste especially when I dont even like their sevice. We probably would end up loosing the support workers. The good thing is, Z will be eligible for free Pre-School in Sept. So, kalau kena berhenti sekolah pun, it only be from March - August. Actually, we probably still afford to pay until June kot. Yvonne keje sampai June jer, July/Aug summer break.. Hmmm.. boleh kot..InsyaAllah...

Pening lalat mama jadinya nih.. 
Semoga Allah permudahkan urusan mama dan Z.. aminnnn…

Just had the meeting with my boss, he approved the 2 years Carer's Break, but he cant promise the 15 hrs work just because the nature of my work doesnt suit the 2 days (Mama look after couple of project portfolio value over 30m euro) it quite a huge amount and wont suit the 2 days work obviously. And he also dont think he could find a part timer replacement to cover for the 3 days. But it should be easier to offer a 2 year contract to another accountant, which I couldnt agree more. However, he promised to find another post in different sections that might suit. Honestly, mama agak tawar hati. I always told myself, kalau x dapat keje yang mama buat sekarang nih, I dont think I really want to work at all. Better just stay at home and focus on Z for the next 2 years rasanya. Kalau kerja pun, x de la banyak sangat gaji for 2 days tu, and half of it have to be paid to Giraffe pun.. Penat lagi.. Baik dok rumah jer.. Ntah la, tengok la. Yang penting now I can go ahead and prepare the paperwork for the 2 years break. Hopefully dapat lah benefit tu. Amin..
Oh, and I need to organised my portfolio so its easy to hand over to other person soon.. -___-

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