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Sunday, August 1, 2010

3rd appointment with Dr Bava - HSB

today i met with dr. bava lagi.. just normal check up. Dr. haliza (training specialist) pun ade..

so, we just confirmed the date as before;
08/08/10 - Admission (harap2 i could stay in private single room rather than normal ward so hubby can tag along)
09/08/10 - Appointment with Mr. Mohan - Paed Surgeon (the only specialist in northern region) with hubby n Dr. Haliza (dr. bava wont be around on the 9th n 10th)
12/08/10 - booked for C-section huhuhu.. (will meet my baby!! yeay!!)

Dr. Bava tanya lagi if im interested to do the amniotic reduction procedure tu since keaadaan saye yg bertambah sarat nih.. again, rasanya i could wait for 1 more week.. i dont want to risk the baby.. demi baby, InsyaAllah i will try to be strong.. Ya Allah, permudahkanlah perjalananku ini.. aminnn..

then mcm biasa, they perform the full scan on the baby. baby growth is normal. baby dh weighted 2.7kg. uish, boleh tahan jugak utk premie ni.. kalau nk tunggu full term, mmg bengkok ler mummy sbb bulan2 terakhir slalu mmg berat baby akan naik mendadak..hehehhe

btw the double bubble sign is still there.. they think its a definite duodenal atresia based on the shape/location of the bubble. tapi dr. heliza kata nampak mcm ade connection jugak between the 2 bubbles, so there is still hope that its not the complete obstruction InsyaAllah..

oh, this time i bring my thumb drive so dapat ler copied some 4d scan videos from Dr Bava computer.. will try to upload it soon..

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