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Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Scan 3d/4d: Edisi Video la pulakk..

ni sebenarnya video last 2 weeks. masa tu dr. Bava terlebih rajin n save kan video for me.. kononnya dia nk transfer ke cd, skali cd x de.. so, he asked me to bring my own thumb drive jer laa this time..

ade few videos n angle yg dia ambik, but i just try to upload these 2 dah ler..

video nih nampak jelas skit muka baby.. uish, sungguh active! pastu siap jelir2 lidah kat mummy yer.. hehehe.. cute.. tapi apesal this time nampak hidung baby cam daddy plak yer? gambar scan haritu, suma org ckp hidung baby ikut mummy.. hehehe.. tak per la, hidung mcm daddy pun hencem jugakkk..

This one for the first time dapat tgk baby's hair..
aiyooo soo curly! ni mesti ikut auntie2 on both side nih hehehe.. mummy n daddy rambut lurus abis.. but mmg other siblings have curly hair..
1 more thing, at 0.08 hrs, baby bukak skit matanya.. hehehe...gerammmnyaaaa tengok.. mummy soo tak sabar nk hold you in my arm.. muahss!!

aahh.. sesungguhnya video2 n photo2 baby nih does gave me strength to go through these last few days.. 9 more days to go...

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