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Monday, August 16, 2010

air mata kami berguguran lagi....

Last moment with papa.. we miss you papa!

Day 4

Seperti biasa, petang itu saya dan suami ke hospital utk melawat little one. It was also the last day for hubby to be with baby before he flew back to Ireland. He has make appointment with the doctor to get baby's latest progress.

Just when we are so excited to see our baby open his eyes for the first time, the doctor came by and bring our worst nightmare news.. They think our little fighter has Down's Syndrome and will have to do further test to confirm that.

Ya Allah, sungguh berat dugaan ini... menggigil2 seluruh badan saya dan suami. Eventhough we are aware of the risk him having DS (1/3 of baby with Duodenal Atresia will also have Down Syndrome), but as a parent we always stay positive and keep on praying that our little fella will turn out to be ok..

Di saat ini, saya sangat lemah.. hubby just reluctantly flew back to Ireland, leaving me all alone in this empty hotel room. sudah tak mampu lagi rasanya saya menangis.. Terlalu banyak air mata ini tumpah semenjak first trimester lagi.. now i feel so hopeless.. setiap nafas saya hanya teringatkan my baby.. dgn keadaannya yg masih belum stabil from the surgery.. will he be ok? What will happen next? what if..? Ya Allah... kuatkanlah semngatku ini..

But I know... I have to be strong for my baby. It will be a long journey ahead of us. InsyaAllah, saya yakin.. we can get through this and be as happy as any other family.

Ya Allah, kuatkanlah semangatku demi anak kesayangan kami.. It still not confirmed yet and i want to think positive.. until then, i will keep praying and hoping that everything will turn out to be ok..

Sayang mama.. Kejap lagi mama datang yer.. mama n papa will always love you no matter what the result of the test will be. We will try to provide the best for you and will make you happy. Just promise to be strong n get well soon yer sayang.. Mama dah tak sabar nak bawak sayang balik.. nanti kite boleh balik ke Ireland and be with papa yer.. mama love you soo much dear.. muahhss!!

Sunday, 15th August 2010


  1. Awak, saya harap awak kuat ye? Kalau dekat, saya teringin nak melawat awak. Walau apa pon, saya doakan yang terbaik untuk awak. Semoga awak terus tabah. Saya doakan jugak semuanya selamat dan berjalan lancar tanpa ada masalah.

    Selamat untuk awak.

  2. Oh dear, i can't imagine if i were at your position during that time. Amir kene jaundice pun I dah rasa sangat berat. this is the second entry i read in ur blog, for sure i akan godek2 entry yang lain pulak ;p

    keep in touch ya, i'm kinda like u and love ur baby hehehe