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Monday, April 4, 2011

Susu Oh Susu - part III (the soy)

Lately i read from few blogs pasal some negative effect of soy milk. Well, i already knew about this issue even before i introduced soy milk to zach. Since at that time he shown some symptoms of Lactose Intolerence (LI), reluctantly, i hv to give him Isomil la jugak. From my reading, the effect of untreated LI is far more worst than those negative (unproven) impact of soy milk.

Anyway, i also read somewhere that normally by 6 month of age, i can try to intoduce back the cows based milk to my baby. There is one type of LI di mana by 6 months, baby dh boleh accept lactose. So, during our GP visit last week, i pun asked his opinion laa..

He agreed with my intention to try the cows based milk. But it has to be introduced gradually. Memula kasik about 25% new milk with 75% soy milk for about a week. Then baru increase to 50:50 and so on - which will take about 1 month before he can fully moved to cows based (provided that he has no reaction laa)

Since last week he was unwell, only this morning then i did tried. 1 scoop of SMA stage 2 and 3 scoop of SMA soy.

Here is my boy, curling on my arm. Very weak n asleep after crying non stop due to diorrhea n vomitting. (And he never vomitted even once since birth!)

Rang hubby at work, he grab his friend (the pead), and they confirmed this is due to LI.

So, there u go. Sorry sayang... Mama will not feed u with the cow milk anymore... Mama harap sgt one day u will be able to consume milk and all its goodness.. Tapi kalau x boleh jugak pun, x apa lah.. I know few friends yg mmg lactose intolerence, and they are fine aje.. :)
Cepat2 baik yer.. Tak mo nangis2 n muntah2 lg k.. Mama love u sooo much!!

Disclaimer: NO, i did not changed his milk because of what i read on other mommies blogs. I have plan to change his milk from the beginning since i already knew the good n the bad of soy milk. Atleast now i know for sure he is lactose intolerence and i dont have to feel bad about myself for not giving him the better milk. BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

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