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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I spoke too soon.. yesterday afternoon our GP call. Bagitau the result has comes back and they found growth on Z's urine sample. Mama dah terkejut, but then dia cakap it looks like the sample is contaminated and we have to do another test to confirm.. fuuuhh..! wat gelabah jer la doctor nih..

I went home around 4.30pm and collected the bag from the clinic. Since the hospital’s lab only open during office hour, I only drop the sample to them this morning.

So pagi tadik mama jadik nurse lagi. This time dah terer skit pasang bag tu..hehehe.. hopefully we will have a clean result after this. Papa cakap, mmg demam2yg berterusan tu salah satu symptom untuk UTI.. but dah seminggu dah Z ok, so InsyaAllah x de apa2 kot.. doctor dekat lab tadik cakap result selalunya 3-4 hari jugak baru dapat… ooowwhh… mama ingatkan sehari dua aje….

For future reference, cara2 memasang urine bag seperti link di bawah so u wont mess up with the bag..

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