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Friday, May 27, 2011

Dilemma Delima

I just being informed that I MIGHT have to go away for few days next weekend and I am not sure whether to bring Z n hubby or not.. arghhhhh!!! Hubby’s visa is expired and he have no time to renew it yet, but he said he could go with me (and take the risk) if I wanted to.. (he has all the documentations ready though..).

Its going to be 3day 2 nghts event, and I don’t think I could survived without my baby.. sigh.. the problem is, I don’t think I could entertain them either if they were there. Itinerary are quite pack. At least from 9-5. Can hubby managed him alone? How about his food? Will he accept readymade food? How about the flight n all the journeys.. will he be ok with that?

It will be much easier if I left him at home. At least bibik is there. He will just follow his normal routine (without me). Hubby will be at home too.. so, they should be ok right? But what if he misses me? What if I miss him? what if he got sick?

The thing is, I really want them to be with me during the event. After all, that day will be our 2nd yr anniversary too. We actually have plan to go somewhere local for few days and both of us already book the week off…

Just we didn’t plan for this.

And its only 1 week to go. And I still couldn’t decide. Argghhhhh!!!!

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