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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bravery Award

Semalam Z's first appointment with pead at St Michael House (SMH). Mama & papa cuti lah for this reason. First time jugak we visited SMH. Besar jugak tempatnya.. They even have their own international school and swimming pool! Look like a very nice place for regular visit eh :)

Anyway, we met Dr Siobhan. Overall she said Z did really well and above average for DS chart! Well done sayang mama :D.

Berat: still 8.5kg she said ok lah since mama&papa pun kurus aje..
tinggi: 75cm
Ukur lilit kepala: 45cm average

Eyesight n hearing looks normal, but she will still refer us to the specialist. Then she quiet concern dgn Z's lactose intolerence lah. So she also will refer us to dietrician. Takut tak cukup calcium katanya.. But he obviously look healthy. Cuma she thinks better we do proper allergy test utk confirm.

Anyhoo, we also got some not-so-good news. Based on previous blood test (in March) they noticed that Z's thyroid level quite high. 8.6. whereby, normal people usually have between 1-5 aje. So she asked for another blood test to monitor the level. Kalau increasing, kene buat treatment lah..

So, after SMH, we went straightaway to Children Hospital Temple Street for another blood test. Wow, kali nih Z meraung mmg x pedulik sesapa dah. Mama pun tahaann jer masa tgh amik darah tu. Keluar jer dari bilik tu, mama pun tumpang meleleh2.. Huhu..sian lah dekat anak mama nih..

Hopefully the result will be favourable to us. InsyaAllah...

Kejap jer nangisnyaa.. Balik rumah terus happy as if nothing happen :D

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