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Friday, July 29, 2011


Last weekend cuaca sangat cantik. Bukan senang nk dpt clear blue sky macam nih, so we went to Howth for a picnic :).

Sampai around 1pm, then terus makan2. Our favorite is fish & chip from Beshoff. Kalau pegi Howth wajib makan this (but Z makan bekal dari rumah jer laa..) :)

Lepas makan n rehat2, we went to playground. First time for Z nih. And he doesnt really enjoyed it.. Bila try letakkan dia kat any games tu, mesti dia mengamuk2 siap peluk mama/papa erat2 lagi.. Haahahah!! Takut la pulak yer..

Tak per lah, first time, Z x biasa lagi.. Nanti2 mama bawak selalu2 ke playground yer Z :)

Lepas dh penat main, we have a nice stroll to the harbour.. Then around 3.30 uncle bazk n auntie chai dtg join. End up that evening we were following them back to their place and have our dinner there.

Hopefully this weekend the weather will be nice as well. boleh bersiar-siar lagi. nanti dah start puasa nanti dah tentu malas mahu jenjalan..

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