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Wednesday, July 27, 2011



Petang tadi I got a call from SMH about the blood test we did on Monday. There were some mixed up on the paperwork and Z unfortunately has to re do the test!!! I asked why, and she said that the name on the sample form was spelt differently from the one that my husband put on the form during registration process. padehal 1 letter jer pun yg salah ZachEry instead of ZachAry. and she said they can not accept that because its their stupid policy. fine!

then i asked, since now u know who is the owner, can u just used that blood sample? NO, THEY HAVE DISCHARD THE BLOOD!! and she continued, its only took 2 hrs for you to come in and do the blood. hey, that's not even my problem! the problem is, my poor child has to go through that horrific moment again!

then I rang hubby.. pot pet pot pet marahkan dia because of his silly mistake. turn out he said he doesnt even f***ing fill in any form! He showed them the letter he got from SMH (with Z's name and details on it) and the receptionist yg key in the wrong details in their system. so, the mistake was made by the hospital's staff themself. and to cover that, they blame it on us.

marahnyaaa sayaaaaaa!!!!!
and my poor baby.. sigh.. trauma semalam pun x lepas lagi.. nak kene pegi lagi skali pulak... waaaaaaaaa...!

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