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Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Demam lagi

Been up since 4 am this morning. Z tetiba aje demam. His temperature was 38.6. so sudden, not sure why.. probably cold, probably teething. His cheeks are red and he refuse to take his milk. Probably jugak he misses his papa. Papa x balik last weekend sebab oncall. And last night pun papa oncall, so Z x dapat facetime dgn papa.

Merengek2 and nk berdukung aje.. This morning he was screaming bila bersalaman dgn mama before mama keluar. Z just want mama to hold him. Tapi mama terpaksa jugak tinggalkan Z sebab mama dah lambat sangat. Sigh, mama HAVE to come to work. ada important deadline tomorrow, hopefully mama could finish early and can take half day off today. Tapi mama x boleh focus sebab risau dgn keadaan Z.. lgpun mama still kena tunggu 1 final data from someone nih. STRESS!!

EDITED: 12.45. baru lepas phone kak yah, Z still refused utk minum/makan. still melalak. mama kasik 1 more hour. kalau still x dapat the data, that's it. i'm gone. besok jer lah mama sambung. hopefully esok Z dah ok. but today is today. mama nk balik and temankan my baby.


  1. Ala siannya... take care ya baby Z! Aunty pray for ur speedy recovery.