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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Farley's Rusk

2 days ago mama telah contact Heinz re Farley's Rusk, and they come back with the answer today.

Hi Laili ,

Thanks for getting in touch. Our nutritionist, Claire, has answered your question.

Is farley rusk biscuit dairy free? I know it says free from milk, but my baby who is on milk free diet seems to have a bit of reaction if having few serving of it. But he likes it, and normally will be ok if we gave the biscuit once in a while.

Our Farley's rusks do not contain milk as an ingredient but are made in a bakery that uses milk. Therefore, there is a small chance that there may be traces of milk in the product.

If your baby has a milk allergy, it's important to check on the label - our rusks allergen information is displayed just underneath the ingredient list.

Dah lama dah mama kasik Z makan biskut nih, for snack time. and mama mmg perasan, kalau mama kasik Z makan biskut nih 3 hari berturut2 (sekali jer sehari), mesti nanti Z akan berak2.. mama risau jugak kalau its not completely dairy free. or even worst, mama lagi risau kalau ade mende lain lagi yg Z allergic to..

walaupun diorang tak guna milk, maybe diorang guna butter kot? nak buat biskut kena lah guna butter kan? tapi takde plak mention kat kotak tu.. hmm.. makan seminggu sekali jer dah la Z yer..

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