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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Food Processor - Part II

this is our 3rd food processor for Z. baru sampai 2-3 hari lepas.

the first 1 i bought lasted for 5 months (different brand). the 2nd FP lasted for less than 3 months and we've been sharing stick blender since then. tapi stick blender took ages to process the food, and sometime kak yah wont clean it properly after buat sambal, so Z end up has chilli in his meal (and he doesnt like it!). nak tak nak, mama have to buy another FP.

hopefully this one will last a bit longer.. although i'm quite sceptical about it, since it is the cheapest in (GBP 14), but who knows, based on experience, mahal pun tak semestinya bagus sgt pun huhuhu..

bila lah Z nak belajar chew nih.. actually mengunyah tu mmg dah boleh sikit2, tapi Z still can not manage any lump yet. kalau kadang2 blend kasar2 skit jer, mula lah dia ber drama. tersedak2.. ter batuk2.. his dietician mmg dah suruh start with chunky food, but how laa? Risau mama tgk dia tersedak2 tu..

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