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Monday, July 30, 2012

Creche/Nursery -Part II

Suka2 hati mama jer letak part..

Khamis lepas mama dah pegi view creche yg dekat rumah (childCare), then Jumaat pulak pegi view Giraffe...

ChildCare - dekat, less than 5 mins from home, minimum 20 hrs per week @ 120 eur (480 per month). (kena hantar 2 full days or 4 half day jugak..) 1:5 carer. 10 wobblers in the room. Very large room, slightly empty (not much activity). Children were running everywhere n screaming n crying! Nevertherless, the carers look passionate enough with the kids.

Giraffe - jauh 30 mins walk. Tram (halfway jer) 3.50 return. Fees, 593 eur permonth (2 full day perweek). 1:5 carer, max 10 wobblers in a room. (2 rooms for wobbler). Room a bit small, but have lots of activity centres. Have separate common hall for activities by group. Have outdoor playground. In house chef for specific nutrition n dietry requirement-separate plate n culinary! Masa mama n Z kat sana around 4.30pm all children are engage in activity, and no one crying! Open door policy, parents could come n visit any time during the day. Hygenic, beutifully decorated.. And the list goes on and on..

Welcome pack
You should know which one mama will choose by now right? Heheh.. Jauhpun jauh laa.. Mahal sikit pun tak per lah, mama tak kisah.. As long as Z got the best cukup lah. Rasanya we might be moving to the area soon jugak kot.. Mama dh start survey rumah dah ni..(lepas satu, satu lah mama oiii..)

The best part is, they also have another kid with ds. 4 yrs n dah masuk pre school class dah. Mama sempat jumpa. He was playing with the rest in the playground - happily! Sempat lagi dia datang and tanya nama Z. (dia bagitau nama dia, tapi mama x dapat tangkap pulak.. (-_-). Agaknya dia tahu Z pun special macam dia kot.. The staffs have experience with ds and they also have no problem dealing with physio n all.

One of my concern is Z cannot feed himself yet. So mama fikir maybe he is more suitable in babies room (under 1 yr) sebab at least diorang 1:3. 1 carer jaga 3 babies jer. But the manager convinced mama, let Z be with wobbler, so he can be more inspired.We want him to grow right? Katanya jangan risau, they wont mind  feeding him. And if required, others will help too(they have 3 extra staffs just to cover the place). Lagipun dia akan tempatkan Z di wobbler class yg bersebelahan dgn babies room. So kalau Z ngantuk ke, boleh jer diorang masukkan dalam baby cot.. 

Fuuh lega sikit mama dengar.. Then she continue, dont worry you are doing the right thing.. This is the right age for him to mix with others. Will be very helpful for his developemnt. You also can learn to let him go and trust him with others, so he could be an independent person in future.. Pergh, berkaca2 mata mama... T___T nampak sangat mama risau.. (bagus betul marketing diorang kan?)

Cuma... Mama harap Z akan dapat menyesuaikan diri di sana nanti.. Sebulan lagi sebelum Z masuk sekolah.. Now tiap kali mama teringat pasal nak hantar Z ke sekolah alone, mesti mama rasa sedih.. Mama bayangkan mesti Z melalak.. Mesti Z takut.. Mesti Z sedih sebab everything is stangers to him.. :(


  1. Hi dear..lama rasanya tak komen2..hihii..rindu kat U n Z.. =)

    Wahhh..bes la Z, tak lama lagi, da nak pegi school. Seronok bila baca ur entry pasal nursery kat sana (yg Giraffe tu),diorang betul2 concern pasal special needs child and diorang don't mind to give extra care n attention kan? Rasanya u should opt for Giraffe tu, hehee..kalau I kat situation u pun, i'll do the same..takpelah, rezeki boleh cari, yang penting, the best for him..

    "Z pergi skolah rajin-rajin yea, jangan buat mama susah hati.." =)

  2. Risau sebenarnya.. Dah la melalak jer keje kalau g skolah, ni nak tinggalkan full day pulak..
    I doubt myself sometime.. Maybe it is too early for him?

  3. it's ok..slowly he'll adapt..biaselah awal2 memang susah sikit..give him some time..kalau ikutkan die takut nanti dia tak mix around pun ssh jugak kan..insyaAllah,Z boleh.. =)