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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dual Diagnosis? oh well.. :(

Just when you thought thing couldnt be any worst...

Mama dah lama noticed Z ada few signs of autisme, but I didn't really pay attention to it untill recently. So I thought I'll bring the matter to his paed. Since the past 2-3 days mama pun sibuklah membaca mengenai ASD dan DS and baru mama sedar, banyak jugak sign2 yang ada pada Z. Tapi mama pun tak pasti sebab those signs are overlapping with Down Syndrome anyway..

Well today, we have appointmet with Dr Murnaghan (Pediatrician). Lepas lebih kurang 45 mins buat routine check up, I told her my concern. Dr Murnaghan cakap she noticed that as well, tapi dia tak mau mention sebab takut mama risau.. Since mama dah bertanya, dia pun has to agree that Z does has some signs :(

Its quite difficult to confirm whether he has it or not.. Autisme more kepada psychology and behavioural. very subjective especially when he is still young. They have to do few tests just to confirm it. She will refer Z to few specialist for that, but it will take months before we could really assured.

No wonder he is quite delayed compared to other DS child. He has more than just Down Syndrome! Hopefully its just a mild autistic. Dr. Murnaghan cakap she sees few children with DS-ASD before and they grew out of it. Because they were diagnosed earlier and they got a lot of help from the beginning.. Hopefully Z will grew out of it as well..

Mama dah email Dato Halim (Z's Pediatrician in M'sia) jugak. He also remind me that autistic is more of a behaviour - that can be changed! Especially on Z's case where he believe only a mild one. Walaupun Z posses a lot of autistic signs, he still has a very good eye contact. That's the biggest hope as per both doctors...

I might be crying today (and tomorrow). But I will start on something very soon. We will get through this together I promise. Amin.. InsyaAllah.. Semoga Allah permudahkan perjalanan kita.

Mama loves you so much dear!

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