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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Meet New Psychologist

Last week mama dapat call dari Maeve, the new Psychologist for St Michaels's House. She just want to get to know us and continue what ever we are doing with the previous psychologist - Karyn.

So semalam, mama ambik half day off and bawak Z ke SMH. Actually, we last met Karyn in July. Lots of action being taken eversince to overcome Z's anxiety. We've been to playgroup (Gymboree) and also starting slowly with creche. And for me, Z has shown massive improvement. So, that's what I've been telling Maeve. Unfortunately she doesnt have details on Z's history sebab katanya Karyn cuma leave a note to follow up with Z aje.. Tak kasik apa2 details pun.. Mama lah kena cerita dari mula hingga akhir apa yg kami dah buat so far..
Tengah tunggu bas

According to her observation, Z doesnt really shown any INTENSE anxiety pun, so she does praised mama for what we have done so far :D. Sebabnya semalam Z mmg tak nangis pun masa jumpa Maeve. Mama kasik dia main phone. So diam jer lah dia kat sebelah. Mama borak2 n ketawa2 pun dia buat tak layan jer.. Towards the end tu, ada la jugak dia start buat perangai, but biasa lah tu kata Maeve, toddler mana boleh duduk diam..

But mama still raised concern about Z's anxiety. It definitely does not go away 100% yet. In fact, mama rasa cuma 50% jer kot. Sebab, memang lah Z dah ok with stangers surrounding, tapi kalau di approach, dia masih lagi akan melalak. Kat sekolah pun, Z ok aje dengan cikgu n classmate dia. Tapi bila bercampur dgn budak kelas lain, mesti dia melalak jugak.. So, mama sangat2 berharap we can also overcome those anxiety as well (of course mama sangat2 bersyukur dah with his current improvement, but he needs to slowly overcome those anxiety anyway..)

Maeve pun concern jugak sebenarnya, sebab nanti bila dah start home teaching or speech therapy (which is soon), he will need to deal with the therapist one-on-one basis anyway. Kalau dah dia asik melalak jer, how can we optimised the therapy session. Maeve kata dia akan jumpa Kerry (SLT) and Mairead (Home Teacher) and will advise them on how to deal with Z when he is having his anxiety. Apart from that, dia juga suggest mama panggil sorang kawan mama and try to make Z become close to them (mama ngadu, Z mesti melalak tiap kali kawan2 mama dtg rumah huhuhu). So dia suggest kalau one of my friend boleh spend some time to do something that he like, contohnya baca buku ke, main bola/ bubbles ke.. Then it could slowly build up his relationship with them and could also give some dimension for him to trust othe people. Problem is, aunty rini n aunty chai tu bukan reti main dengan budak2 hahahah! Camner la agaknya diorang nk try tackle Z kan.. hmm.. Aunty meri plak busy with caroline pun.. Haiyoo.. Uncle adrian pandai la main dgn budak2 nih.. Kena ajak uncle adrian n aunty rini ke rumah selalu lah camni..

Happy nak naik bas ^-^
We will meet Maeve again in 2-3 weeks time just before we go home, so we can have another plan for family in Malaysia.

InsyaAllah, with all the changes that happen in the past 2 months, mama percaya Z akan dapat overcome his anxiety one day... Amin..

Oh, mama juga cerita dekat Maeve (sambil bergenang2 air mata) how frustrated and heartbroken I was few weeks ago bila Z melalak2 di creche. Dia tanya, then what makes you continue him with the creche? Actually I was nearly giving up. But I keep telling myself that this is for his own good, we 'll try for one month and Alhamdulillah, after 1 month he does improved a lot. I am very proud of him really :D and of course to my own self :D..

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