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Monday, November 11, 2013

Paed, Dietitian & OT

Last week ada (6-monthly) appointment with Dr Murnaghan. We dont have that much concern except for his last vomitting episode and his growth.

Winter Coat 2 tahun lepas pun masih boleh pakai (tangan je pendek skit)

Issue growth ni timbul bila mama keluarkan baju2 winter Z last year and they still fit him nicely! Macam x naik langsung.. Seluar jer la yg pendek sikit, tu pun ada few yg masih boleh pakai (save bajet..)

His latest measurement
Height 91.5cm
Weight 11.35kg

Naik la jugak sebenarnya, but not so much. In term of height, he is still in 90th percentile of Ds growth chart (meaning that if we take 100 DS childs at his age, only 10 of them are taller than him) and if compared to normal growth chart, he is average - which quite true since he is the same height with his classmate. But his weight is the biggest concern. He is only in 25th percentile! 

Because of that, Dr Murnaghan terus panggil Val (Dietitian) for consultation. After brief discussion, she still happy with Z's meals quality n quantity. The only problem is his milk. 

Sekarang dia memang x minum langsung di sekolah (thats also the reason for constipation). He only take 6oz in the morning n another 6oz in the evening. Mama memang bekalkan susu kat sekolah, tapi diorang kata Z tak nak. Mama rasa 2 sebab Z tak nak, 
1. Diorang bagi dia minum while sitting uncomfortably on the chair 
2. They dont really care..

So, Dr Murnaghan n Val suruh mama ckp kat cikgu diorang nak Z habiskan jugak at least 1 bottle of milk in school. (6oz of milk ada 400+ calories, for kids as little as Z, thats quite significant!)

On another note, Z also hv follow up visit by his OT, Sinead. Last jumpa raya haji haritu. Mama takde la this time, Sinead pegi sekolah Z jer. But she did provide me summary. 
She brought in 'Heathfield Chair' kerusi khas utk Z. Kerusi ni will provide good support for his posture. Hopefully will help during his feeding time too. 

This tiny chair cost over £500!! (luckily we have it free on rental allowance)

Then dia ada jugak bagi few suggestion on activities n toys that are appropriate for Z's stage. Most of those stacking toys memang dah ada 3-4 jenis dah pun (kena carik balik dlm stor la sbb beli, then Z x main pun..). Tapi toys yg jenis pop up tak penah beli lagi. Nanti lah mama survey..

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Mama sgt berpuas hati dgn Sinead nih. Worth the wait! OT kat Ireland nih mmg sangat susah nak dapat. We have to wait for over 2 years!! Mama dh try carik private in between, memang x de yg kat area Dublin City. Kena travel jauh, susah la utk mama yg x de kereta (or even Irish license) nih :(. Anyway, we supposed to start OT hujung thn lepas, tapi Z kan sakit time tu.. We only managed to officially begin therapy summer haritu jer. Once a week in the beginning sbb Sinead agak risau dgn 'kelewatan' Z. Mmg nampak bnyk perubahan since.. Alhamdulillah :)

*Update (13/11/2013): Harini Mairead (Home Teacher merangkap main contact for Z's welfare) datang ke sekolah Z untuk berbincang dengan manager pasal his milk intake. She also bring in the recommendation from Dietitian and Paed. Hopefully lepas nih pihak sekolah tak akan mengelat lagi bab2 susu Z nih.. :)

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