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Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Friday, November 1, 2013


What a hectic weeks lately! Tak sedar pun dah Friday. Seriously busy at work. Hate it so much! Especially when people dont appreciate you. Macam nak hand over resignation straight away jer.. Grrrr..!! started to think that coming back to work fulltime (with the intention to clear out my back log) is a stupid idea altogether. Should just leave it with them to look after it. I dont owe anything to them actually ;((

Tetiap hari is a rush. Z has to be in school until 6.30pm everyday. Tu pun papa yang ambik, mama pukul 8 baru sampai rumah. Sedih teramat. Quality time with Z entah kemana, therapy and all pun entah kemana. And the worst thing is I know he wasn’t happy in the crèche. Kalau hari yang mama pegi ambik (sebab papa balik lambat), I can see he was soo tired, soo comot and sometime with an empty stomach. I pay the crèche about 1/3 of my salary every month, and this is how he being treated?? It really is not worth it..Geram sangat. But the thing is, it just their common practise. semua budak pun comot. the different is Z can not express himself like other kids. other kids when they are hungry, they will shout. when they are bored, they will find some other amusement. But Z..? What can he do?

Sorry Z.. Mama have promised you that it’ll only happen for 2 months, but actually now I have to work at least until end of this year. 2 more months to go, or maybe will be longer since I still haven’t event got the chance to submit my proposal/application. Sigh.. am so tired. 

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