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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Azmeer and TV3, please apologize to the Down Syndrome kids.

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The Petition

The composer Azmeer and TV3 to apologize to the disabled community in general,especially Down's Syndrome person,child and parents on his comments towards a group performing in a TV3 Show,his comments are " like a buch Down's Syndrome idiots" or in Malay "budak-budak Tapaw ni bodoh-bodoh Down Syndrome" .
We want them make a public apologize thru press and TV statement.
Down Syndrome community have the right to be respected and cared about. We stand together in stating that our kids are educated, smart enough,able to do chores and have the ability manage themselves even though they are mentally challenge. We want the Malaysians to know that the education level has changed so much and we worked hard in taking care & made sure they are given the same chance like the others. We deserve some respect . Any impropriate act and words should be blame on the lack of self etiquette and manners.

Mama: Malaysian still far behind in term of sensitivity and awareness toward people with disabilities!


  1. Kurang hajar okay babe! i tak tengok but i know la attitude mamat tu..

    1. i lagi la tak pernah tengok show cenggitu.. tapi judges konon2 cool la kot bleh kutuk2 orang.. simon cowell pun tak pernah hina golongan disabilities ok..