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Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Sunday, June 30, 2013


My parental leave is ending soon..!! 2 more months, then will be back full time.. Arghh camner nih.. 7 bulan dah berlalu tak terasa pun..

Z masih belum mencapai target asal mama, but he has gone through soo much over the last couple of months. If it wasnt the surgery, he must has meet our goal. Kita hanya mampu merancang, and I am still very proud of what he has achieved to date.

The thing is, I dont want to stop here. I want to continue working on my goal - to help Z achieve his full potential. Going back to work full time will limit my time with him. Less appointment with the theraphies. More stressfull in time management i think.

I wish I can continue working part time. But honestly I dont think it will work that well. Sekarang pun nama jer part time (with part pay) but I still continue doing 90% of my full time job. Stress it is, unfair of course. Have to work extra hour everyday so I could cramp my 5 days work into 3 days. At the same time got less money. But i keep reminding myself, that the extra 2 days I have to spend with Z is priceless. So keep my mouth shut. If I really want a part time job, I should just look for another post. Because this just isnt working...

My sweet darling who means the world to me

My big boss D has been assigned a specific position at the moment (thats why i've been 'mistreated' by her replacement) and i find it very difficult to discuss my need with the new manager..

Z will start pre-school in september (the same time i am back full time). I only enrolled him part time pre school i.e. 2 or 3 half days per week. Pre school kat giraffe jer. So lepas school masuk balik toddler room. Pre school ada SNA. Lega sikit di situ. Its free as well. So walaupun Z will spend 5 days in giraffe, it doesnt cost us that much actually.

If i can continue part timer, that even more cost effective. Masalahnya mana nak cari part time post di zaman2 kemelesetan ekonomi nih.. Plus i dont want to let go my permanent status. Susah ooi nak dapat permanent kat sini. Sigh..

So my next wishes is.. Career break. Due to economy climate, College put an insentif - 3 years career break for those who wishes (boleh bagi peluang pada orang2 lain yang menganggur). Lepas 3 tahun, u r guaranteed boleh balik keje within the same post!. Tapi papa kata dia masih blom mampu.. Huahuahua.. Unless if we want to move outside city - ke drogheda to be exact. Pekan kecik. Masalahnya camne pulak dengan Z's appointmets and therapies suma2 tu. sekolah lagi. boleh la transfer, but the best always in city anyway..

Hmmm entahla.. Mama rasa mama go for full time tengok macam mana. Kalau dah rasa unmanageable sangat tu, terpaksa la buat pilihan drastic. 2 bulan lagi. Semoga Z mendapat yang terbaik.. Thats all I care about.
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